What is happening at the zero border point between Lebanon and occupied Palestine?/Field report – rahnam

According to the Arabic site of the rahnam news agency, the village of Kafarkala at the zero point of the border, which is located in front of the Zionist settlement of al-Mutla, witnesses the flight of surveillance drones of the Zionist regime during the day and night, and any movement is targeted by the occupiers with artillery.


Here, for the occupiers, there is no difference between civilians and resistance fighters. Not only do they evaluate every movement as suspicious and target them; Moreover, in order to destroy the social base of the resistance, civilians’ houses have also been repeatedly targeted by air and artillery attacks.

Lebanon's Hezbollah, the Zionist regime (Israel),

“Abu Ali Hammoud” is one of the residents of this village whose house was attacked by the Zionists. “They bombed my house without any reason,” he told rahnam reporter. But none of us was injured. “I will stay here even if they destroy the world.”

In response to the question whether he is not afraid of the bombing of his house, he said: “What should I be afraid of?” If I have to die, I will die wherever I am! Whatever God wills will happen.”

Lebanon's Hezbollah, the Zionist regime (Israel),

It is not easy to travel in Kafarkla because the Zionist drones may target any movement at any moment. Above the village of Kafarkala, there is the village of Hola, where the people of this village refuse to leave their homes.

One of the residents of “Houla” told rahnam reporter: “Who wants to leave his house? Believe me, no one is satisfied. “I left here for a week, but I couldn’t bear it and returned to my home.”

Lebanon's Hezbollah, the Zionist regime (Israel),

Since the first days of the Al-Aqsa storm, the fierce attacks of the Islamic resistance in Lebanon have inflicted heavy blows on the armored and infantry forces, as well as the espionage equipment of this regime in the border strip.

Just like its criminal actions in the Gaza Strip, the Zionist army is taking revenge for its failures in the homes of civilians in southern Lebanon! But the people of southern Lebanon proved once again that they will not stop resisting and standing against the oppression and force of the Zionists.

Lebanon's Hezbollah, the Zionist regime (Israel),

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