The scandal of the Israeli army went beyond the previous disclosure of rahnam/Haaretz: The participants of the Soprano festival were killed by the Zionists themselves – rahnam

According to the Hebrew site of the rahnam news agency, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz has said in a revealing report that during the clashes on October 7 (the first day of the Al-Aqsa storm operation) that led to the death of more than 1400 Zionists, some of these people were killed by the military units of the army. Israel has been killed.

The Ha’aretz reports are clearly related to the events of the music festival in the village of Ra’im near the Gaza Strip, during which it was said that the army helicopter pilots who were present in this operation, contrary to previous claims, mistakenly aimed at the Israelis and the people present at the festival who were The surrounding areas had fled, shot and killed a large number of them.

The mistake of the Israeli army in targeting the Israelis, which led to their mistaken deaths, is not limited to this incident.

rahnam news agency previously reported on the events in Kibbutz Beri, near the Gaza Strip and near the music festival, and said that Barak Khairam, the commander of the army’s auxiliary force, who had come to Beri to confront Palestinian fighters – He requested the air force to hit the kindergarten of this kibbutz, where Palestinians are likely to be there.

During this attack, which was accompanied by damage to the kindergarten building and surrounding buildings, some residents were also killed, the number of which has not been announced.

After the publication of the Haaretz report, the rahnam reporter also obtained new information from his Hebrew sources, according to which the false attack on the people present at the music festival was carried out by the same helicopters that were operating in the Beri area.

The pictures published from Beiri and its nearby areas – as mentioned in rahnam’s report – indicated that these destructions could not have been caused by the light equipment of the resistance forces – which were finally equipped with RPGs. .

According to Haaretz newspaper, the investigation of the Israeli police on the pilot of these helicopters proves that basically Hamas forces were not present during the music festival in this area on the day of the Al-Aqsa storm operation.

According to this report, 364 people were killed during this ceremony by the attacks and bombardments of the Zionist army helicopters and not by Hamas, because the pilots claim that they mistook these people for Hamas forces in the surrounding areas.


The published video of this incident shows that the helicopters of the Zionist army are blindly shooting at any movement on the lands surrounding the “Supernova” festival in the village of Ra’im.

According to rahnam, at least 25 Israelis were killed in Kibbutz Beri by the Israeli army.

In the first minutes of the start of the war, many kibbutzim and Zionist settlements around Gaza were involved, the most important of which are the kibbutz “Beri”, “Kafr Gaza”, “Kisofim” and “Native Hasra”.

The performance of the army forces on October 7 in these areas, especially under the command of Barak Khairam, has been criticized by many Zionists.

For example, a member of Kibbutz Beri’s bodyguard told Israel’s Channel 12: “When we were heavily engaged with the attackers, reinforcements from the army were standing outside the area waiting and watching the scene.”

He emphasized: “This behavior of theirs was very disappointing, especially when I saw that they came here with a small number of troops.”

This lack of planning and surprise of the Israeli military forces is one of the causes of their wrong performance in confronting the Palestinian groups in the Zionist areas, which ended in the mistaken killing of a large number of residents of the occupied territories.

Besides this, some Zionists who were in captivity by Hamas forces were also deliberately killed by Israeli army forces to reduce the number of prisoners.

In the Al-Aqsa storm battle, more than 230 Zionists were captured by the Palestinian resistance groups, which has increased the pressure on the Netanyahu government.

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