The Parliament and the Consolidation Commission have not passed any resolution to deposit the subsidy to the national card – rahnam

Mohsen Zanganeh, the spokesperson of the 7th Development Plan Bill Consolidation Commission, in an interview with the parliamentary reporter of rahnam news agency, while denying the news that “the parliament has required the government to deposit the gasoline subsidy to the national card”, said: the 7th Plan Bill Consolidation Commission has to determine the allocation method. Gasoline subsidy has not examined any separate clause.

The spokesperson of the Seventh Plan Bill Consolidation Commission stated: Regarding the gasoline subsidy, we only examined the text of the government bill, which stated that “the government is allowed to adopt a measure in order to observe justice and protect the country’s energy reserves Iranians can use the subsidy of energy carriers equally”.

This member of the Islamic Council continued: Of course, this is not a new issue, and the government has already been given such permission in the law on the targeting of subsidies. In addition, it should be noted that the Consolidation Commission did not emphasize any particular energy carrier.

Zanganeh pointed out that during the review of the bill of the 7th program, a proposal was made to add a note based on which each person’s gasoline quota should be deposited into his national card, but the commission did not vote on this note, so the government’s requirement to deposit gasoline into the national card was not voted on, and it is part of The approvals of the commission are not combined with those of the parliament, and we simply voted for the government’s bill.

No resolution regarding the change of gasoline subsidy payment method has been approved either in the floor of the parliament or in the consolidation commission of the 7th plan bill.

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