The murder of 3 members of a family in Kermanshah/ the killer surrendered – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency Kermanshah، According to the police news baseSardar Mehdi Hajian stated: Around noon today, after the police were informed about the occurrence of a family conflict that led to a murder in one of the villages of Kermanshah city, specialized police teams quickly arrived at the scene.

He said: With the presence of the officers and the investigation, it was found that the father of the family killed his wife, sister-in-law and daughter-in-law of the family by using hunting rifles due to family disputes and fled.

Hajian said: Following this incident and considering the importance of the matter, the police started all-out measures to arrest the fugitive murderer and by conducting intelligence work, they succeeded in tracking his whereabouts in the mountains around the village where the crime took place.

The police chief of Kermanshah province added: The fugitive killer, who noticed the presence of the agents and felt that the area was too narrow for him, had to introduce himself to the Qazanchi police station and confessed to the murder of all three people and stated that his motive for doing this was family disputes.

Pointing to the filing of a case in this regard and that the killer is in the hands of the police for further investigation, he said: “One hunting weapon and four pistols were found at the scene of the incident.”

Hajian, expressing his regret for this tragic incident, said: Police counseling centers are active in all police stations and police stations of the province, and if people have a dispute, instead of taking up arms and committing crimes, they can use free counseling services.

The police chief of Kermanshah province stated that the use of weapons is a clear and certain crime and said: “The police with their intelligence elites will not allow some people with any intention and motivation to challenge the security of the province and cause people to worry.”

He added: Today, the Kermanshah police are more determined than ever before to improve security in the province, and criminals and lawbreakers will surely be punished for their actions.

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