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According to the cultural reporter of rahnam News Agency; They consider the media as the fourth pillar of democracy because it can make and follow up a precise demand in a transparent atmosphere and from a specific platform, and the audience knows both the origin of the question and the answering institution. It is in these three ways that the media can become the power arm of the society.

The official media accept the responsibility of what they publish, they are familiar with the laws and rights of the media and consider themselves obliged to comply with it, and in this respect, they make a clear distinction between fake news and genuine news. As the official media gain more authority, the public space for demands also becomes more accurate and rational.

When fake news is replaced by certified media!

But what could render this efficient arm useless? That organizations and institutions want to manage public opinion and their audience with fake news, instead of using official and certified media. This is what happened to Iranian cinema in the last two years.

In recent years, the atmosphere of the country’s official cinema media, which specializes in following up on the issues of this popular and popular art, which also has industrial aspects; have been weakened and because of this, the main demands and text of Iranian cinema have been marginalized and peripheral issues have been placed in the text of cinema news, but perhaps one of the most important reasons is the attention to fake news and giving wings to media blackmailers in cinema.

Organizations and managers who, instead of working in the official media, go to strengthen anonymous channels to manage their affairs; They think that they can manage the public opinion, but in fact, they will be weakening the whole atmosphere of their field of activity.

The knife takes its handle too!

Perhaps the most important question that the director of the cinema visionary should ask himself and then go to strengthen the fake news; It’s “Does the media tax collector just work for you?!” The answer to this question is absolutely negative! The person who agrees to make news for a film organization with a number, works against that organization with a greater number. It may be the initiator and booster of fake channels of such and such a person, but in the long run, no blackmail gives any administrator the commitment of constant support; Moreover, in the last few years, there have been many examples of violations where fake news bypassed the customers.

What is most interesting in the category of fake news; Comparing what happened to managers is like the story of Ash Molansardin; After a while, the managers who reinforce the fake news are under the illusion of the effectiveness of these channels and based on what is cooking there, they change their management and direction, regardless of whether they remember, they have opened this path themselves and should not be fooled. to eat

Subcategory management with fake news; The worst way to control!

One of the most lasting episodes of Mehran Moderi’s Berre series; The defeat of Tughrel Khan’s forces is from a hypothetical enemy; The thing that surprised Kianush – Siamak Ansari – and because of the lack of response, he went to the desert. Management of institutions and managers of a subsidiary of an institution from the side of publishing news in the space of anonymous channels; Maybe in a tactical and close view, a way to manage; Managers of the sub-category, but at a glance, it is a strategic and far-sighted way of sticking a knife in one’s stomach. The creation of margins by fake news and extortionists to control the subordinate managers in the long term will take the upper hand of the organization and put that organization under the microscope of the media and its inefficiencies and inadequacies, some of which have flowed into its subordinate groups, in the heart of the parent organization. looks for.

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