Kolbaran’s small share of the huge benefits of border trade / Will the opening of border crossings solve the problem of border dwellers? – rahnam

According to the economic correspondent of rahnam News Agency, the problems of the Kolbers are not a new issue and for several years, various news have been talking about the poor livelihood of this group. In general, the term “colbert” is more popular in the border provinces and is used for border residents who cross the border and transport and import foreign goods to earn their living (even for a small salary).

Colbert is considered one of the most dangerous jobs in Iran; Because in moving goods, it is necessary for these people to pass through difficult mountain paths, and unfortunately some of our compatriots get caught in avalanches or get seriously injured or die due to being thrown from rocks and drowning in rivers.

Due to the fact that kolbari causes hardship and heavy hardship for kolbaran; But this phenomenon does not have any advantages and facilities, such as insurance, retirement, etc., for this group, and these people have to transport various items between the two borders in youth, old age, cold, heat and other harsh physical conditions in order to provide daily strength and expenses for their families. give

By comparing the economic development indicators between the border provinces and other regions of the country, it is possible to reach the root of the border people’s migration to Kolbari. In other words, one of the main factors of the expansion of this phenomenon is the lack of job opportunities and the lack of investment system in the border cities. Because the border dwellers themselves are eager to find a suitable and permanent way to turn the wheel of life as soon as possible.

The government’s priority should be to create sustainable employment for the border dwellers

One of the most important priorities of the country should be to create sustainable employment for the border dwellers as well as the development of the border areas; Because the phenomenon of colbari does not have economic benefits as much as it causes many problems for the hardworking people living on the border, in other words, carrying out border exchanges by means of colbari is for the benefit of smugglers and capitalists who intend to bring prohibited goods into the country at a low price.

At present, some officials of the country and local authorities believe that in order to improve the livelihood of the border dwellers, steps should be taken to facilitate border exchanges and to allow kolbari in some border areas. These areas have not improved and even make the economy of the border dwellers more vulnerable in the long run, of course, this issue has serious consequences such as the impact on domestic production, the formalization of goods smuggling, playing with people’s lives and property by increasing counterfeit and non-standard goods in the market, etc.

The ineffectiveness of the previous trade exemptions in improving the situation of Kolbaran

In the same way, at the moment, colbari has become a national problem, and to organize and solve it, several working organizations should come so that by providing infrastructure and industrial development of these areas, while saving border people from the risky job of colbari, border trade can also be organized. In addition, such actions play a prominent role in fighting the problem of smuggling and other methods of illegal movement of goods in border areas.

From the point of view of many economic experts, the experience of the government’s support plans and policies to facilitate border trade shows that such measures as creating, changing and increasing exemptions are a temporary solution that does not help to improve the livelihood of the border dwellers and the employment of people in the border towns and villages of Iran; Some profiteers, by abusing legal exemptions, have paid small sums to the border residents for moving goods through these crossings, and in the following, they are demanding an increase in the ceiling of exemptions and incentives from the border residents. Because practically these exemptions have opened the way for the informal economy and smuggling of goods into the country.

According to the report of the Majlis Research Center, according to the statistical estimate made by the Central Headquarters for Combating Goods and Currency Smuggling, the ceiling of legal exemptions is not observed even for the smugglers, and the amount of abuse of these exemptions has reached more than 4.2 billion dollars in 2015, which means that these incentives facilitate smuggling. Illegal goods and exchanges have seriously damaged the official business of the country.

Based on the mentioned cases, the economic experts believe that the phenomenon of border dwellers is inconsistent with the capacities of the border provinces and the relevant authorities should pay attention to the importance of the role of the borders in the stable security of the country, in relation to economic policies that are suitable for creating sustainable employment, reducing the cost of living and production. In the border areas, provide banking facilities in the fields of agriculture, horticulture, beekeeping, tourism, production, etc. and on the other hand, make these areas attractive for businessmen, traders, artisans and producers to invest by creating profitable opportunities.

According to rahnam, as it was said, perhaps the facilitation of border exchanges, such as Kolberi and Malvani (Te Lanji), can pave the way to earn money and provide livelihood for the border dwellers, but its economic, social and security consequences for the country are very large. . It seems that the reopening of Colberi passages, regardless of its consequences, can strengthen the organized flows of goods smuggling. This problem can not only improve the quality of life of Kolberans, but it will also cause the destruction of the motivation of domestic producers and also create disorder in the market of various goods.

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