Bahadri Jahormi: The West’s 80-year effort to forget the crimes of the Zionist regime has been wasted – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency’s government reporter, Ali Bahadri Jahormi, the government spokesman, this morning at the “I want you” student conference, which was held on the occasion of International Children’s Day and in support of the children of Gaza, in Tehran’s Sarchesheme Complex, during his speech, he congratulated Hazrat Zeinab Kobari on her birthday. Q) He stated: The Zionist regime, with the help of America and England, tried to make the world forget that they usurped the Palestinian land in the last 80 years.

He added: This war has been going on for 80 years and the Al-Aqsa storm operation revived this 80-year-old memory in the minds of the world that the Zionist regime is a usurper and murderer. Despite the fact that this regime tried to make the people of the world forget these crimes and killings.

The spokesperson of the government stated: “After 80 years of trying to make the world forget this usurpation and crimes, the Zionist regime left Al-Aqsa today with a dust storm and everyone understood who was right.” Today, the people of the world in every country, contrary to all the expenses of some governments that support the Zionists, have come to the streets and say that the Palestinian people have been oppressed.

Bahadri-Jahormi said: If American and British missiles fall on the Palestinian people, their homes, schools, and hospitals today, this missile was built by the same person who has been trying to distract people from understanding the truth for years. Some people don’t want humans and humanity to survive; They are against humans and will destroy humanity if they can.

He added: The presence of the British Prime Minister and the American President in the occupied territories and the donation of missiles to the Zionist regime to kill the people of Gaza is encouraging this regime to commit crimes.

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