Uncertain status of “this controllable crowd” to attend Fajr-rahnam Film Festival

According to the cultural correspondent of rahnam News Agency, the movie “This Controllable Population” produced by Mehrdad Farid, directed by Mohammad Metin Ojani and written by Ronak Bohrad, is among the works that received its production license from the Cinema Organization in 1401 and according to the director of the film According to rahnam reporter, the filming of “This Controllable Population” ended on May 18 of this year. This film work entered the editing stage from the beginning of July this year, until a while ago, it was announced that the technical stages of the film have been completed and it is waiting for the screening license.

Therefore, we went to Mehrdad Farid, the producer of this movie, and in a short conversation, we asked him about the conditions of the movie “This controllable crowd” in the 42nd Fajr International Film Festival.

Farid said about the possibility of this film appearing in this year’s Fajr festival: We have to see what happens and how the situation progresses. We are currently waiting for the film screening license to be issued and the distributor to be determined. After that, we will decide whether or not the film will be in the Fajr festival.

He continued: Now it is difficult to predict what will happen in the coming months. Therefore, we have to wait and see what the requirements will be and how the conditions will turn out.

In response to the question whether he is currently working on a new project or not, this producer said: Now I have put all my focus and priority on the success of the movie “This Controllable Crowd” and I am waiting for the stages of the film’s screening. go through After that I will decide on the next project.

“This controllable crowd” is Mohammad Matin Ojani’s first cinematic experience in the social drama genre. Faridah Sepah Mansour, Mohammad Reza Davoudenjad, Alireza Estadi, Zahra Davoudenjad, Marjan Qamari, Ronak Bahret, Rasool Azimi, Mahnaz Paitnia, Vahid Elhawi, Maryam Shahveli, and Mohsen Ashtianipour are among the actors who played roles in this movie.

Other actors of this film are: Production Manager: Ismail Kordi, Director of Photography: Shahin Iraqi, Director of Sound Recording: Mahmoud Samakbashi, Photographer: Mohammad Foqani, Composer: Massoud Sakhawadoost, Programmer and Assistant Director: Shakeel Mozafari, Make-up Designer: Ali Shafii Thabit, Sound design and composition: Amin Sharifi, set designer: Masoud Avzati, costume designer: Sofia Shokri, color and light correction: Saman Majd Vafaei and Arash Kazemzadeh, poster and graphic designer: Mehdi Raagani, design manager: Shahab Parsaei, stage secretary: Sepideh Karimkhani, procurement manager: Mohammad Jamshidi, behind-the-scenes cameraman: Mohia Ojani, investors: Sara Soltani, Shahab Parsai and Rasool Azimi.

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