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According to the report of rahnam International News Agency, in the shadow of the continued brutal aggression of the Zionist regime against civilians in Gaza, international organizations and officials continue to warn about the consequences of these aggressions and a real genocide that the occupiers have launched against the Palestinian people.

Israelis must be tried for their crimes in Gaza

Haitham Abu Said, the permanent representative of the International Human Rights Committee at the United Nations, said that there is reliable evidence that Israel is violating human rights in the Gaza Strip in an unprecedented manner.

He added that the UN Human Rights Committee provides the results of its investigation to this organization so that it can be referred to the International Criminal Court. What Israel is doing in Gaza is a gross and unprecedented violation of human rights, and such crimes have never been seen in the history of new and old wars.

This UN official emphasized that the trial of the perpetrators of these crimes in Gaza is certain and the International Criminal Court will intervene, but the implementation of international laws takes time and there are also problems and obstacles, and the Israelis will definitely try to escape from the trial.

Israel following Nakbat 2 in Gaza

On the other hand, a UN official in a conversation with the English newspaper Financial Times warned about the occurrence of “Nakbat 2” in Gaza in the shadow of American officials’ talk about a “safe zone” in Gaza and announced that the results of UN assessments show that Israel will not allow IDPs in Gaza should return to the north of this area. Israel says that it is looking for Hamas leaders in southern Gaza, and that means expelling the residents of this area from there.

Risk of dying from thirst in Gaza

“Pedro Argo”, the UN rapporteur on human rights affairs, also announced about the cutoff of all basic services in the Gaza Strip that access to drinking water and health services is an inalienable right of the people of Gaza. Gaza residents are now at risk of dying from thirst and water-related diseases.

He emphasized that I once again warn the Israeli authorities that preventing the entry of essential drinking water into the Gaza Strip violates both international humanitarian laws and human rights laws. Israel has no right to use water as a weapon of war. While the casualties caused by the continuous bombings in the Gaza Strip have increased significantly, the lack of clean water and lack of sanitation can lead to the massacre of more civilians.

This UN reporter emphasized that, based on Article 7 of the Rome Statute, deliberately depriving civilians of their living conditions, with the intention of destroying them, is an act of genocide and is considered a crime against humanity.

The hunger war of the Zionists against the people of Gaza

The World Food Program also presented a catastrophic picture of the humanitarian situation in the region by warning of death due to starvation in Gaza.

“Abeer Atifa”, the regional spokesperson of the World Food Program, announced that the people of Gaza can hardly get one meal a day. Food options are limited to canned foods; If it is available, bread has become a luxury item in Gaza.

He added that now Gaza is facing the danger of falling into the hell of hunger and 2.2 million people, almost the entire population of Gaza, need food aid.

“Juliet Touma”, the communications director of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA), announced that we are witnessing a complete disregard for international humanitarian laws in Gaza, and that the people of Gaza have been in a real hell since 6 weeks ago, and it is like an unprecedented earthquake. It happened in this area; A man-made earthquake.

He said, we are witnessing the biggest wave of Palestinian displacement since 1948.

Israel seeks to cover up its crimes by cutting off Gaza’s communications and internet

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Watch also announced in a statement that the massacre and the great genocidal campaign launched by Israel in Gaza is intensifying in the shadow of the world’s silence, and so far about 20 thousand people have lost their lives or are missing in Gaza. And 32,310 people were also injured. Reliable information shows that 6,403 of the dead are children and 3,561 are women.

The organization added that many of the wounded are unable to receive minimal medical care due to the collapse of Gaza’s health sector. In the shadow of continuous bombings and Israeli air and artillery attacks, reports show that the number of missing people under the rubble has exceeded 4150 and it has become impossible to pull them out from under the rubble. On the other hand, the relevant companies in Gaza announced that the fuel used to activate the electricity generators has run out and there is a risk of complete interruption of communications and internet services, which seriously endangers people’s lives.

In the continuation of this statement, it is stated that Israel does not shy away from any crimes against journalists, with the aim of isolating the people of Gaza from the outside world, it damages the basic infrastructure of communication and internet in this region, and there are reliable documents of Israeli crimes. As a result of Israel’s attacks on Gaza, more than 200 health personnel, including doctors, nurses and paramedics, have died and 213 others have been injured. More than 20 rescue personnel and at least 49 journalists have been victims of Israeli attacks in Gaza so far.

According to this statement, the number of refugees in the Gaza Strip exceeded one million and 650 thousand people, about half of whom live in shelters affiliated with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) and have access to minimum living facilities. do not have So far, 55,200 residential units in Gaza have been completely destroyed and 160,700 units have been damaged. 117 health centers and 223 schools, 821 industrial centers, 117 press offices and 75 mosques and 3 churches have also been seriously damaged by Israeli attacks.

In the end, this human rights organization emphasized that the continuous continuity of communications and the Internet in Gaza provides a cover for the continuation of Israel’s horrific crimes, and we demand the adoption of effective and concrete international steps to prevent the genocide in Gaza.

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