The temporary contract of the workers will become permanent in February – rahnam

In an interview with the economic reporter of rahnam News Agency, Nasser Chamani, a labor activist, said about the problems of the workers: lack of job security is one of the most basic problems of the labor society, and after that is the security of livelihood and livelihood.

Pointing out that the lack of safety in the workplace is the next stage of workers’ problems, and the next step is the lack of free labor organizations, he said: This year’s wages did not grow in proportion to inflation, and the labor community this year is more The issue of insufficient rights is facing us.

This labor activist also talked about the possibility of not restoring salaries in 1402 and announced: Past experiences show that there is no hope of restoring salaries this year and it can be said that the Supreme Labor Council made a big mistake in determining wages.

He stated: Investigations show that since last year, not many appropriate measures have been taken to ensure the job security of workers who make up half of the country’s society. One of the main arms of the country’s production are the workers, if we cannot support them, it means that we have destroyed the cycle of the economy, and as a result, it will be difficult to control inflation, because these things are a continuous chain.

Chamani stated that more than 96% of workers have temporary contracts and said: according to the regulations of Note 1, Article 7 of the Labor Law, all those who were present in temporary jobs for 4 years should have their work contracts permanent. We hope that this regulation will be implemented, of course, this regulation should have been written a long time ago in order to improve the situation of the workers. After about 30 years, this finally happened during Mr. Rabiei’s ministry. This law is due to be implemented in February, and we hope it will be implemented.

Emphasizing that the implementation of this note is the first step to restore the lost job security of the workers, he stated: But the important thing is that this regulation is not carried out by an executive order, it definitely needs monitoring, we have many executive orders that have not reached the implementation stage in practice. For example, employers were supposed to register a copy of the labor contract in the labor relations system, but this requirement has not had any specific results so far.

This labor activist added: the general administrations of the provinces should come in and supervise the implementation of the laws, if this happens and the limit of 4 years is applied to contracts of a temporary nature, steps can be taken in the field of spreading temporary contracts in permanent jobs as well. Restored the job security of workers.

He said: The deputy of the labor relations field can use this issue and implement it in ongoing works. When the ceiling for project works is set at 4 years, in works of a permanent nature, it is no longer possible to sign a contract under 4 years and it is not logical at all.

Emphasizing that there are contradictions in the way of labor contracts, Chamani said: imagine that there are works of a continuous nature and works of a permanent nature, how is it possible that project workers become permanent after 4 years and workers of jobs with a continuous nature are still Have a contract of one or two months and eventually one year? These contradictions must be prevented, and if this is not done, we will definitely face challenges in the labor groups in the future.

Referring to the high number of worker deaths and work accidents in the country, he said: workers have neither life security nor financial security.

This labor activist expressed: Unfortunately, workers are still concerned about living a minimal life, despite the fact that this concern was there before, but now with the implementation of wrong economic policies, it has become much more, workers are no longer even able to live a normal and minimal life.

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