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According to the report of rahnam news agency’s provinces group, with the passage of almost forty days since one of the most prominent operations and military feats in modern history and the proud and triumphant victory of the Palestinian Mujahideen in the Al-Aqsa storm operation and the irreparable defeat and collapse of the hegemony of the Zionist occupation regime and the creation of a huge gap in the structures of the fake regime and the most criminal machine for killing innocent people in the contemporary world, the war machine of this barbaric and usurping regime with the nightmare of the policy of death and with the round-the-clock rain of bombs on the people and civilians of Gaza and by violating all legal, international and humanitarian rules He has started blood to bring back the lost honor. This germ of corruption, with the complicity and support of the United States, has caused the deaths of thousands of Palestinian women, children and men, and the survivors are deprived of water, electricity, food, and medicine, and at this moment, two and a half million are facing famine and starvation. And there are contagious diseases that turn every human heart and shame the human conscience.

Today, Palestine has become a mirror to show the ugly face of the order that dominates the world, and the huge legion of martyrs of Gaza, innocent men and women and children, has provoked a wide wave of anger and protest all over the world. This child-killing regime has gone beyond the geography of the Islamic world and has invaded many capitals of Europe and America, and as if the Supreme Leader of the Revolution’s prediction is getting closer and closer to the expiration date of this regime.

The people of Islamic Iran all over the country, in line with the condemnation of “infanticide”, “crime”, “genocide”, “massacre”, “terror”, “war crime” and “human disaster” in Gaza, in a magnificent popular march showed their support to The children declared that they were oppressed and while expressing sympathy for the mothers of the martyrs of Gaza, expressing their anger and anger at this level of evil, they demanded from the international assemblies to stop the killing of the infamous Zionist regime and to take serious care of the affected people of Gaza.

rahnam journalists’ report on today’s Iranian people’s march against Israel’s crimes

Shia and Sunni gathering of Sistan and Baluchistan in support of the people of Gaza

According to the rahnam news agency from Zahedan, the Shia and Sunni people of Sistan and Baluchistan, the capital of the unity of Islamic Iran, this morning in 60 urban and rural areas of the province held a gathering of their anger and disgust at the brutal actions of the Zionist regime and declared their support for the oppressed people of Gaza.

In Zahedan, the capital of Sistan and Baluchistan province, the rally started at 9:00 am in the “Azadi” square and lasted for about 2 hours. In this gathering, the Shia and Sunni people chanted the slogans “Death to America” ​​and “Death to Israel” and “Death to arrogance” to declare their anger and disgust at the global arrogance and the maddening attacks of the child-killing Zionist regime on the people of Gaza and to confront the They emphasized the oppressors of the world and supporting the oppressed of the world.

The nomadic community of Hamon city from Sistan region, located in the north of the province, gathered in the dry bed of Hamon lagoon and chanted the slogans “Death to America and death to Israel” and declared their support for the Palestinian nation. Another notable action was the tractor parade of the farmers of Hamon city in support of the oppressed people of Gaza.

The gathering of Shirazis in condemning the crimes of “America and Israel”


According to the rahnam news agency from Shiraz, a gathering to support the Palestinian people and condemn the barbaric crimes of the Zionist regime in Gaza was held in the presence of people and senior officials in 150 locations in Fars and in Shiraz at the holy shrine of Hazrat Shahcheragh (PBUH).

From 9:30 today, October 27th, the people of Shiraz, like other parts of the country, gathered at the Holy Shrine of Shahcheragh (PBUH) to support the oppressed people of Gaza and condemn the barbaric crimes of the brutal Zionist regime.

The people chanted slogans against the bombing of hospitals and the brutal killing of Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip, condemning these crimes of the occupying Jerusalem regime. It should be said that in order to facilitate the movement of the citizens and students of Shirazi, 150 buses have been placed on the route by Shiraz Municipality.

The cry of the Bushharis against Israel from the side of the Persian Gulf


According to the rahnam news agency from Bushehr, the people of Bushehr held a rally next to the Persian Gulf this morning while supporting the children, women and defenseless people of Palestine, especially the people of Gaza, and condemned the Zionist crimes against children. In this rally, which was held in Rais Ali Delwari Square, Bushehr, children Bushehri called for an immediate stop to child killing in Gaza with his beautiful song describing Palestinian children.

In this ritual, the Bushehri gatherings asked the Arab rulers and Islamic governments to cut economic ties with the occupying and criminal Zionist regime, instead of taking dramatic measures and condemning them, and to recognize the economic and trade marks of Zionist goods, the products and goods of this cursed regime should be banned all over the world.

Kurdistan people’s gathering against Israeli crimes


According to the rahnam news agency from Sanandaj, 43 days have passed since the successful operation of “Aqsa Storm” and after that the crimes of the Zionist regime in the killing of oppressed Palestinian children and women with the support of the United States to compensate for its failure, we are witnessing daily the unpleasant news of the bloodshed of our people in Gaza.

Israel is pressing daily by bombing various places, hospitals, bakeries and people’s houses and killing and injuring thousands of people to destroy and displace the people of Gaza from their land, a crime that has been unprecedented since the end of World War II. The silence of the claimants such as the Human Rights Organization in front of these horrible crimes is while the feelings of the people of Iran, especially the Kurds, have been hurt, and since then they have voiced their protest in various public rallies and rallies.

In this context, a protest gathering of the people of the province and always in the scene of Kurdistan province was held today to condemn the criminal action of the usurping and child-killing Zionist regime and to support the oppressed Palestinian nation in the cities. The representative of Wali Faqih in Kurdistan province participated in the protest rally in Dehgolan, and the speaker of the event in Sanandaj is also the commander of Beit al-Maqdis corps in Kurdistan province.

Palestinian assembly of people of North Khorasan

According to the rahnam news agency from Bojnord, the people of the cities and villages of North Khorasan today condemned the crimes of the perverted Israeli regime against the children of Gaza in large and epic gatherings and demanded an immediate stop to these crimes.

In the gathering of the revolutionary people of Bojnord, which started at 9:00 this morning in Shahid Square, different sections of the people condemned the suffering and hardships of the Palestinian people and the crimes of the Zionist regime. In this gathering, the people declared that a Shia and Sunni voice is valuable for the Palestinian people and a source of strength for their hearts.

Different groups of youths and teenagers said in this gathering, although almost 40 days have passed since the proud operation of Hamas against the occupation regime of Jerusalem and the Zionists have used all their power to obtain a victory, we can boldly say that there is still no victory for the Israeli regime. It has not been achieved and this is an indication of the steadfastness of the zealous people of Gaza.

The revolutionary women and mothers of North Khorasan province have a colorful presence in this rally along with their young children and their children’s dolls and they asked the international forums to immediately stop the heinous crime against the oppressed people and children of Gaza and to open the way for humanitarian aid to Gaza.

A huge gathering of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmadis in support of the oppressed people of Palestine

According to the rahnam News Agency of Yasouj, the people of different regions of Kohgiluyeh and Boyar Ahmad provinces, both urban and rural, came to the streets at the same time as people from all over Islamic Iran in support of the oppression of the Palestinian people, to one of the largest spontaneous gatherings of the people of this country in support of the oppressed and Show confrontation with oppressors.

By chanting slogans of “Death to Israel”, “Death to America”, “Death to England”, “Allahu Akbar” etc., the people of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad expressed their disgust, anger and hatred for the brutal crimes of the fake and usurping Zionist regime and its allies. announced in Gaza.

One of the beautiful and recorded images in the magnificent gathering of the people of Kohgiluyeh and Boyar Ahmad on this historic day was the presence of some young people with shrouds who came to say that they will stand to the death to defend the oppressed.

March of Mazandaranites condemning Israeli crimes

According to the rahnam news agency from Sari, people held protest marches in different cities of Mazandaran. This march, along with a movement coordinated with different regions of the world, caused the people of Mazandaran to march by announcing their support for the resistance front in Gaza and Palestine. People chanted slogans. Death to Israel and death to America demanded an end to the killing of children and defenseless women in Palestine.

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