Ghalibaf: Jihadi work does not conflict with discipline and institution building – rahnam

According to the parliamentary correspondent of rahnam news agency, Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, Speaker of the Islamic Council, said this morning (Saturday) at the closing ceremony of the National Medal for Iran held at Tarbiat Modares University: Imam Hassan Askari (AS) said that there are two qualities that are the highest traits; One is faith in God and the other is benefiting people.

Referring to voluntary, charitable and jihadi work, he added: There is a substantial difference between charity and jihadi work in the university and scientific environment and in the general society and the masses of society. be the arena and be able to use their knowledge and science to advance this very rich culture of charity and jihad with solid foundations and put experiences together.

Speaker of the Parliament said: One of the points that should be noted is the origin of good deeds. Undoubtedly, the first thing to pay attention to in any voluntary work is the spirit of jihad. Jihadi spirit is the basis of every voluntary and good work.

Qalibaf clarified: Jihad spirit originates from the essence and inside of people and is never influenced by external factors, nor does it cause slowness, speediness and despair in ups and downs.

He continued: Jihadi spirit never gets tired because working for God is not tiring and hopeless and it will definitely not be without results. It never originates from a bureaucratic and administrative system and responsibility, but in an atmosphere of selflessness and selflessness.

Stating that the second point is the nature and form of this voluntary activity, the Speaker emphasized: In the 11th Parliament, in the 7th plan, there is an additional clause for jihadi groups and volunteer forces. This is done so that the administrative system’s problems do not hinder jihadi movements.

Qalibaf said: In the discussion of Jihadi activities, the first issue that should be paid attention to is pattern making, which means that we need social patterns in different fields of activity to be followed, regulated and documented so that everyone can use it and take a step forward. let’s take

The speaker of the parliament pointed out: Considering that the fields of service in jihadi work are very diverse and include various topics in the technical, humanities, and arts fields, these movements should be modeled so that it is clear from the beginning what we want to do.

He added: In addition to this discussion, networking is also very important and fundamental in the field of jihadi activities, while we cannot say that we are simply doing an activity without paying attention to the results, and the actions taken must have specific goals.

Emphasizing that stability in jihadi work is of great importance, the speaker of the parliament said: Voluntary work has nothing to do with order and discipline, and being precise and scientific has nothing to do with institution building.

He added: Here it is necessary to congratulate Basij Week in advance to the Basijians of the country. If you look at the activities of Basij from the beginning of the revolution until the beginning of the war, this mobilization was not in the form of the mobilization after the years of holy defense, and the removal of deprivation was its main goal.

Qalibaf continued: “Basij was helping this institution with the work of construction jihad and was with the IRGC in the continuation of its work.” Basij was present before the holy defense and went towards depriving them, but after the war, another priority came up that led them all to participate in the fronts of the holy defense, although in the beginning they did not have the right to enter the fronts and the front line, and even the uniform They didn’t give them a name to make it clear that they were private.

In this part of his speech, the Speaker pointed to the end of 1360 and reminded: Looking at the events of Nowruz in 1360 to 1361, we see the huge operation of Fatah al-Mubin, which was preceded by the huge operation of Al-Quds Road to liberate Bostan and Sosangard, and before that We had that operation to break the siege of Hesr Abadan, and before that we witnessed the presence of a traitor like Bani Sadr as the commander in chief, but Basij was able to build institutions and carry out massive operations with its own movement, and three months after the operation through al-Quds, the operation of Beit al-Maqdis for to liberate Khorramshahr.

Referring to the issue of institution building, Qalibaf said: Why don’t we rely on institution building today to overcome the country’s economic problems. At that time, did they tell someone to go to war? At that time, unlike some people who were fleeing from the war, there were also a huge number of people who went to the front. Of course, even today, many people are looking to be on the economic front. For this reason, we should also follow this field with a jihadist view.

He went on to say that today I am speaking to you as a narrator that I have spent these days and weeks, and said: modeling, networking and stability are important in voluntary, charitable and jihadi matters. Basij’s activities were formed as an institution after the Holy Defense, and before that, they did not have much depth. The roots of the Islamic revolution deepened during the Holy Defense era because there was a stability and production of a culture of resistance based on beliefs.

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