General Soleimani: Some European countries deliver “munitions” to Israel by sea/ Zionist killers should be tried – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency from Rasht, Sardar Gholamreza Soleimani said today at the closing ceremony of the second national women’s media festival “Harim Resalat” which was held in the presence of national and provincial officials and domestic and foreign guests at Zibakanar cultural complex, today, Gaza is the scene of a serious confrontation. It is between right and wrong and between disbelief and Islam, and the Western powers, headed by the criminal America, have provided all their military and media technological capacities and capabilities to the child-killing regime to silence the voice of right-seeking, freedom-seeking and defense of the oppressed land of Palestine, and until now More than 12 thousand people of the oppressed people of Gaza were martyred.

The head of the Basij organization stated that the conflict in Gaza will be the beginning of a transformative and new era for human history, adding that time is needed for the transformational effects of the great victory of the Palestinian fighters in Al-Aqsa storm and the irreparable defeat of the Zionist usurper regime to be revealed.

Sardar Soleimani continued: In a situation where the world’s media demons, by supporting the aggressors, have provided their media capacities to the Zionist killers to be used against Palestine, but on the other hand, consciences have been awakened in the West and large marches in support of The oppressed people of Palestine formed until the largest march in American history against the American government in defense of the Palestinian people was formed near the White House.

He pointed out that the arrogant powers relied on the media and virtual space and sought to enter the minds of the people for the survival of their power and empire, adding: Westerners thought that they could guarantee the continuity of their empires by resorting to media and virtual space, but schools An idea that arose from Western civilization and the Renaissance reached a dead end and expired.

Referring to the role of popular and revolutionary media to neutralize the evil plans of the enemies, the head of the Basij organization emphasized: “Today, the tool of “media” is widely and popularly used in the world by revolutionary women, and we have witnessed a wide-scale explanatory jihad in defense of the oppressed. which is a big event.

Sardar Soleimani emphasized on the role of motivated and revolutionary women in following the measures of the supreme leader of the revolution in various fields and in order to protect the lofty ideals of the Islamic system. The domain played an important role in the realization of Jihad Tabayin and had other constructive effects and effects towards the realization of modern Islamic civilization and strong Iran.

He considered the Harim Resalat festival to be the beginning of revolutionary women’s role-playing in order to realize a strong Iran in all matters and stated: The media has a long history and we should use these capacities well.

Stating that the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Bahman 1957 was a new beginning in human history, the head of the Basij Organization said: With the victory of the Islamic Revolution, great changes took place and one of these changes was the change in the geometry of power in the world.

Sardar Soleimani continued: The Islamic Revolution has a liberating discourse; The discourse that has been welcomed by the world today and the effects of this welcome can be seen today in supporting the oppressed people of Palestine.

He stated that if the American support and support for the usurping regime was not fake, this regime would have collapsed today and said: some European countries deliver ammunition and military equipment to the Zionist killers by sea and air through the bridge that has been established between them. These attacks are nothing but barbarity and cruelty, and the aggressors of the rights of the Palestinian people are more disgraceful today than in any era.

The head of the Basij organization pointed out that today the nations saw the scenes of Ashura once again and said: Zionist murderers and their supporters should be tried in international courts and this matter should be demanded in the media and all free nations, both Muslim and non-Muslim, should accept this demand. to shout

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