Esteghlal Club’s explanation about 4 ambiguities reached the contract monitoring committee/the case goes to the disciplinary committee? – rahnam

According to the sports reporter of rahnam news agency, the contract monitoring committee during the past days and after reviewing a number of contracts of players and coaches of Esteghlal Club, asked this club for an explanation about the contracts of Kevin Yamaga, Gustavo Blanco, Mohammad Reza Khaledabadi and Mehdi Hashemi Nasab, and for a few days to Abhi Poshan. He gave time to amend the contracts and provide explanations.

In this regard, follow-ups show that Esteghlal Club has sent its explanations about the uncertainties raised to the contract monitoring committee, and this committee is going to hold a meeting to review the Esteghlal Club case soon. In this context, it is heard that according to Esteghlal Club’s explanations, it is very likely that the case of Abi-Poushan will be sent to the disciplinary committee for final review soon.

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