2 executive documents worth 1 billion dollars were signed between Iran and Turkmenistan/ settlement of the principal gas debt of Tehran to Ashgabat – rahnam

According to the correspondent of rahnam news agency sent to Ashgabat, at the conclusion of the 17th joint commission of economic cooperation between Iran and Turkmenistan, the two countries signed two executive documents in the field of road construction (242 km of road in Turkmenistan) and construction of electricity transmission line and export of electrical industry equipment.

These 2 documents were signed by Khairullah Khademi, the CEO of the country’s transport infrastructure construction and development company, and Arash Kurdi, the CEO of Tavanir, with their Turkmen counterparts.

According to rahnam, Mehrdad Bazarpash said on the sidelines of the closing ceremony of the 17th Joint Economic Commission of Iran and Turkmenistan: In order to facilitate air traffic between the two countries, an agreement was reached to establish a flight from Mashhad to Ashgabat or from a foreign country to Mashhad and from there to Ashgabat. The flight calendar will be announced next month.

He continued: In the area of ​​ports, Amirabad Port and Turkmenbashi signed a sisterhood agreement so that in addition to increasing traffic, we will provide each other with land in Poskarane.

He added: The quadrilateral meeting of Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Iran and Oman will be held in the next two months, which is part of the Ashgabat meeting, and it was decided to add one or two countries to it, which is in line with the goal of resolving transit and tariff issues. . All these measures are in line with the development of the North-South and East-West corridor, the corridor was not started with words. Therefore, one-year procedures, tariff reduction and transit must be resolved in unilateral and multilateral meetings.

Stating that fortunately, the North-South and East-West corridors were welcomed by Turkmenistan, he said: The implementation memorandum of the project worth half a billion dollars was signed between the two countries, and the commercial contract will be signed in the next few days. This project is the construction of about 242 kilometers of roads in Turkmenistan, the second part of which will be handed over to Iranian companies.

The Minister of Roads and Urban Development reminded: In the agriculture sector, a memorandum of understanding on veterinary medicine, agriculture and atmospheric sciences related to meteorology was prepared, but its signing was postponed until the President’s visit to Turkmenistan.

Pointing out that we have a wide border with Turkmenistan, Bazarpash said: Now the border bazaar of tax collectors is active between the two countries. It was agreed that a joint committee will be formed in the next two months to activate the border of Incheh Brun. In addition, we suggested the establishment of Gomishan-Hasan Qoli border market and it was decided that the Consul General of Turkmenistan would visit the region and make the necessary assessment in this regard.

He also stated: Sarkhs region is strategic for us in the north-south corridor because Chabahar railway is connected to Sarkhs and it will be of double importance. Based on this, let’s have more effort for the fern border so that the parties can accept more wagons. Therefore, the wagon capacity should be increased to 600 in Sarkhes and 100 in Inche Barun.

The Minister of Roads and Urban Development announced plans to export construction materials produced in Iran to Turkmenistan due to the good construction market in this country and said: two documents in the field of electricity, transfer of lines and export of electrical equipment and road construction between Iran and Turkmenistan It was signed. The document related to gas is 90% completed, but it was decided to determine the number of exports of Turkmenistan and turn it into a document. It is decided that the CEO of the National Gas Company will travel to Turkmenistan and finalize the understanding. Very strategic decisions were made, which we announce.

He declared the value of two documents related to the power transmission line to be 200 million dollars and added: the value of the export of electrical equipment is 140 million dollars and the value of the signed document for the construction of the road is 550 million dollars. In total, the value of the document signed between the two countries is about one billion dollars.

The Minister of Roads and Urban Development also announced the settlement of the principal of Iran’s gas debt to Turkmenistan and said: the remaining debt will be settled through clearing with the construction of Gomdagh-Incheborun road.

According to rahnam, the 17th joint commission for economic cooperation between Iran and Turkmenistan started yesterday, November 26, and ended its work today with the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the deputy head of Turkmenistan’s cabinet and the minister of urban development.

With the proposal of the Minister of Roads and Urban Development, the 18th Joint Commission on Economic Cooperation between Iran and Turkmenistan will be held in Tehran in December 1403 (September 2024).

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