Zakani: During the trip to China, a 3 billion dollar trade contract was concluded – rahnam

According to the social group of rahnam News Agency, the 118th meeting of the Assembly of Mayors of Iranian Metropolises with the presence of Alireza Zakani; Mehdi Chamran, Mayor of Tehran and Chairman of the Association of Mayors of Iranian Metropolises; The head of the Islamic Council of Tehran and 19 mayors of the country’s metropolis was held this morning, hosted by Tehran Municipality.

In this meeting, Zakani emphasized the need to improve the position of municipalities in the country’s political arena and stated: The 20-year delay in the implementation of the principles related to councils in the constitution caused the position of urban management in the country to be ignored, as it should be, for better progress. This view needs to be changed and the role of municipalities in the field of action should be increased.

The mayor of Tehran added: Today, when the 13th government is a group of servants together with the city management group to solve the country’s problems, it is the best opportunity for us to be able to correct this view while interacting. In this regard, a quadripartite working group will be formed in the government with the presence of representatives from the Assembly of Mayors of Iranian Metropolises, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Economy and the Planning and Budget Organization, so that as a result we can implement what is stated in the constitution as the duties of councils and urban management. Let’s do it well.

In another part of his speech, Zakani mentioned the recent trip of the Tehran city administration to China and regarding its achievements, he said: As a result of the trip to China, favorable conditions will be created for the city of Tehran, which can be extended to other metropolises as well. China is also eager for economic and urban cooperation with the Iranian side.

The mayor of Tehran emphasized: During this trip, a trade contract of three billion dollars was signed, and as a result of the negotiations, we were able to get one billion and 40 million euros of finance from the Chinese side with a one to three year breathing space. In the contracts, we are not supposed to be the only importer from China, and according to the understandings, the imports will be accompanied by the transfer of technology, and we are supposed to build joint factories in the country with the Chinese side.

In addition, the mayors of Kermanshah, Yazd, Qom, Hamedan, Mashhad, Shiraz, Karaj, Zahedan, Tabriz and… They also expressed their views, emphasizing attracting investors to advance urban projects, forming an urban diplomacy commission with the presence of mayors, issuing a joint statement by the mayors of metropolitan cities condemning the crimes of the Zionist regime in Gaza, revitalizing the capacities of the municipalities organization and forming it under the supervision of the president, generalizing The achievements of the trip of the mayor of Tehran to China on other metropolises, revision of the structure of the Supreme Council of Provinces and the specialization of the topics discussed in it, electrification of the public transport fleet in metropolises and the use of the capacity of urban diplomacy to circumvent sanctions are among the most important issues discussed by the mayors of metropolises in This was the meeting.

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