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According to the cultural reporter of rahnam News Agency, more than forty days have passed since the start of the Al-Aqsa storm operation, an operation that creates unique images in the unequal front of the supporters of Israel and Palestine and the oppressed Gaza, and the resistance of the Palestinian fighters of Hamas. The Zionist regime, in its inability to deal with Hamas fighters, has launched limitless crimes in the residential, medical and educational areas of Gaza. The Palestinian resistance continues to stand by sacrificing several thousand martyrs in this battle.

Until now, the Supreme Leader has spoken clearly and openly about the Palestinian resistance and announced the imminent destruction of the Zionist regime. Grand Ayatollah Khamenei’s statements in the context of the Battle of Al-Aqsa Storm have been more precise and accompanied by thought-provoking keywords, which have repeatedly attracted the attention of analysts and experts on international issues. While his words are pain in the hearts of the Palestinian people and hope for their victory, they strike fear into the hearts of the perpetrators of Israel’s child-killing regime.

In continuation of publishing cultural and media products about the successful operations of the resistance fighters under the title of Al-Aqsa Storm, the information base of the Supreme Leader’s Office has examined and reviewed points of the leadership’s statements about the Palestinian and Gaza resistance in the recent battle. These tips are in the form of infographics and videos.

On October 18, 1402, the Supreme Leader mentioned the defeat of the Zionist regime and said: “In this case on the 15th of October, the usurping Zionist regime suffered an irreparable defeat, both militarily and informationally; Everyone said the failure, my emphasis is on “irreparable”. I say that this devastating earthquake has managed to destroy some of the main structures of the usurping regime’s governance, which cannot be rebuilt so easily. It is unlikely that the usurping Zionist regime will be able to restore those structures with all the things it is doing, with all the support it receives from the Westerners in the world today. “It has been eaten. It cannot be compensated so easily.”

According to his words, why is the defeat of the Zionists in the Al-Aqsa storm operation irreparable? Analysts answer this question with different points of view. The infographic (information map) of the words of experts and experts of this discussion can be seen below:

Information base of the Supreme Leader's Office, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, Al-Aqsa Storm, Islamic Resistance Front, Gaza Strip, State of Palestine, Islamic Resistance Movement | Hamas, Zionist regime (Israel)

Changing the balance of power

The supreme leader of the revolution said on May 17, 1400: “The balance of power has changed drastically in favor of the Palestinians; “The Zionist enemy has become weaker year by year.” The infographic of the change in the balance of power is actually an overview of the process of changing the balance of power in favor of the Palestinian resistance, which follows:

Information base of the Supreme Leader's Office, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, Al-Aqsa Storm, Islamic Resistance Front, Gaza Strip, State of Palestine, Islamic Resistance Movement | Hamas, Zionist regime (Israel)

The power of faith, the winner of the field

The Supreme Leader of the Revolution said on 10th of Aban 1402: “The disaster that is happening in Gaza by the Zionists and with the help of the Americans and actually by the hands of the Americans is a unique disaster. The field is not the field of Gaza and Israel, it is the field of right and wrong. The field is the field of arrogance and faith; one side is the power of faith, the other side is the power of arrogance. Of course, the power of arrogance comes with military pressure, bombardment, disaster and crime, but the power of faith will overcome all of these with the help of God.” The music video “The Power of Faith, Victory in the Field” was produced and released based on this part of the leadership’s statements:


God’s promise is true

The supreme leader of the revolution said: “We have no doubt that “Allah’s promise is true”; God’s promise is true. And do not be ashamed of those who do not agree; Those who do not believe in God’s promise should not shake you or weaken you with their negativity. And God willing, the final victory and not too late will be with the people of Palestine and Palestine.”

A video has been produced based on this part of His Holiness’ statements. The exclusive reading of this part of the verses in the music video “Inna Waad Allah Haq” was done by an international reader, Saeed Parvizi:


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