The special position of Turkmenistan in the “Iran Rah” initiative / Estimated increase of transit from Iran to 100 million tons – rahnam

According to the economic reporter of rahnam news agency, Mehrdad Bazarpash, in a meeting with the President of Turkmenistan, emphasized that, considering the spirit governing the agreements between the two countries, a fundamental step should be taken to realize a synergistic partnership in the relations between the two sides. The “Iran Rah” initiative in the government He explained the 13th to the President of Turkmenistan.

In this regard, he said: “Rah” in Farsi means path and solution, neighboring countries and neighboring countries can use Iran as a way and solution.

He said: Turkmenistan has a special place in the “Iran Rah” initiative and is considered a strategic partner of Iran. This country is the gateway to Central Asia and access to the east-west and north-south corridors.

Emphasizing that we believe that Turkmenistan has access to open waters, the Minister of Roads and Urban Development said: The Islamic Republic of Iran has provided special facilities for its neighbors to access open waters.

Bazarpash stated: According to the short-term goal setting, 20 million tons of transit should be moved from the territory of Iran. In the medium term, this number should increase to 50 million tons and in the long term to 100 million tons.

He added: In this targeting, the role of Turkmenistan in the North-South and East-West corridors can be followed.

According to rahnam, in the meeting of the President of Turkmenistan with the Minister of Roads and Urban Development of our country, the strengthening of multilateral cooperation with third countries including Uzbekistan, Turkey, Iraq and Kazakhstan was emphasized.

Bazarpash emphasized the need for cooperation to eliminate transit transportation charges between Iran and Turkmenistan and said: We should increase technical engineering services, especially in the field of transportation and energy, by establishing a mechanism between the two countries.

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