The new members of the Central Council of the Stability Front have been identified – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency’s party section, the general meeting of the Islamic Revolution Stability Front on Thursday, November 25, was attended by a group of officials, members of the parliament and about 1000 members of the stability front at the level of the provinces and cities of the country in the Adina cultural complex in Tehran and chaired by Hojjatul Islam Nasrallah Pazhmanfar. held.

In this assembly, 17 main members and 5 alternate members were elected by holding the Central Council elections. The names of the 17 main members of the Central Council of this organization, who were elected in the General Assembly of the Stability Front, are as follows:

1- Morteza Agha Tehrani (Representative of the Parliament and Chairman of the Cultural Committee of the Parliament)

2- Sadegh Tahabi (Commander of the 6th Special Guards Division in Holy Defense and Minister of Interior and Welfare in the 9th and 10th Governments)

3- Ali Khazarian (Representative of the Parliament and member of the Commission on Article 90 of the Constitution)

4- Qasim Ravanbakhsh (a member of the faculty of Imam Khomeini Educational and Research Institute and founder of Parto Sokhn magazine)

5- Zohra Sadat Lajordi (representative of the Parliament and member of the Board of the Cultural Commission of the Parliament)

6- Fateme Alia (representative of the Majlis in the seventh, eighth and ninth terms)

7- Gholamhossein Rizvani (representative of the parliament and former deputy of the president’s planning and management supervision)

8- Majid Motaghifar (former representative of the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance in the High Council of Hajj and former Director General of Inspection of Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization)

9- Saeed Tawanarad (secretary of the popular movement “No to FATF” and former political secretary of the Union of Islamic Associations of Independent Students)

10- Ali Asghar Shokravi (a member of the faculty of Imam Khomeini Educational and Research Institute and former head of the communication office of this institute)

11- Alireza Taslimi (former political and international secretary of the Student Mobilization Coordination Center of the Islamic Azad University of Iran)

12- Mohammad Hossein Quaid Sharaf (former secretary of Tahkeem Vahdat Office)

13- Alireza Abbasi (representative of the parliament and member of the faculty of Tehran University)

14- Reza Rakhsai (political activist and member of the Advisory Council of the Sustainability Front)

15- Zohra Tabibzadeh (representative of the parliament in the 9th term and head of the presidential women’s affairs center in the 9th government)

16- Mehdi Sarami (former CEO of the Islamic Revolution Virtual Space Activists Association)

17- Karim Karimi-Tabar (battalion commander during the holy defense period and commander of the mobilization of Khuzestan Oil Industry University)

Also, five alternate members of this organization were elected as follows:

1- Seyed Mostafi Mousavinejad (former student activist and activist in the field of economic studies)

2- Hossein Rajaei Rizi (Majlis representative and former deputy of Tehran’s Stability Front)

3- Mohammadreza Ezniashri (member of the founding board of Ghadir Jihadi Group and cultural activist)

4- Hadi Qayyumi (Commander of the Hamza Seyyed al-Shohda Battalion of the 27th Division of Muhammad Rasoolullah (PBUH) in the Holy Defense and former governor of Sawj Balag)

5- Khadijah Bor (member of Edur Basij student group)

In the elections of the Inspection Board of the Islamic Revolution Front, the following people were elected as main members in order of votes:

1- Mehdi Bagheri (Majlis representative and former director of Tubi Institute of Islamic Culture and Thought Studies)

2- Majid Dostali (former secretary of the government board and former deputy minister of cooperation, labor and social welfare)

3- Abolfazl Eftnejad (former Director General of Human Resources of the Islamic Propaganda Organization and former Vice President of Management Development and Human Resources of the Social Security Organization)

Also, Javad Melahatjo and Mehdi Shokri, who are social political activists, were also elected as alternate members of the Inspection Board of the Stability Front.

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