The 43rd day of “Aqsa storm”. The new crime of the Zionists in al-Khore school / Al-Quds unveiling of the Badr 3 missile / Forced evacuation of Al-Shifa hospital – rahnam

According to the report of the international group of rahnam news agency, the fighters of the Israeli regime targeted Al-Wafa Hospital in the center of Gaza on the 43rd day of their military aggression in the Gaza Strip after the Al-Aqsa storm operation, and the head of this hospital was martyred as a result of this attack. And some were injured.

Today, the Zionist regime committed a new crime by attacking al-Khore school in the Jabalia camp located in the north of Gaza, during which dozens of people were killed.

Although the exact number of martyrs of this crime has not been published, Palestinian journalist “Emad Zakout” announced in a conversation with Al-Jazeera that about 200 Palestinians were martyred in the bombing of al-Khora school.

Dear users, follow the most important developments of the 43rd day of Al-Aqsa storm below:


16:22- Saraya Al-Quds: We inflicted heavy casualties on the Israeli army in Sheikh Rizwan neighborhood

Saraya Al-Quds, the military branch of the Islamic Jihad Movement, announced: We engaged with a group of Zionist soldiers in the neighborhood of Sheikh Rizwan in Gaza, and we targeted them with RP and inflicted heavy casualties on them.

16:20- Rocket launchers of Mars base and Nirim settlement of the Zionist regime

Ezzeddin al-Qassam battalions of the military wing of Hamas reported rocket attacks on the military position of Mars and the Zionist settlement of Nirim.

13:48- Missile launchers of “Beiri, Miftim and Taseelam base”

Saraya Al-Quds, the military branch of the Islamic Jihad movement, reported the rocket launchers of “Beiri, Mifthim and Taseelam base” of the Zionist regime.

15:23- Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine: The statement of the crown prince of Bahrain is a new fall in the swamp of betrayal and mercenary.

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine: The statements of the Crown Prince of Bahrain (condemning the Al-Aqsa storm operation and supporting the crimes of the Zionist regime) are considered a new fall in the swamp of treason and mercenary.

13:14- Anti-Zionist demonstrations in northern Yemen

Yemenis in Saada province, located in the northwest of Yemen, held a magnificent anti-Zionist demonstration in support of the people of Palestine and Gaza.

15:08- Attack on the positions of the Zionist army on the border of occupied Palestine with Lebanon

The Islamic resistance in Lebanon released the video of the moment the positions of the Israeli army were targeted in the border area.

15:06- Crime in al-Khore school/Zionists killed dozens of people

Qatar’s Al Jazeera network reported that the fighters of the Israeli regime targeted al-Khora school in the Jabalia camp located in the north of Gaza, killing a large number of them.

In a conversation with Al-Jazeera, Palestinian journalist Imad Zakout announced that about 200 Palestinians were martyred in the bombing of al-Khoura school. The bodies of many martyrs and wounded are still under the rubble. Most of the martyrs are women and children.

14:25- Palestinian Health Minister: 26 hospitals in the Gaza Strip were completely out of service

May Al-Kileh, the Minister of Health of the Self-Governing Organization, announced that 26 hospitals in the Gaza Strip were completely out of service.

He added: The occupiers have turned Al-Shifa Hospital into a military barracks and forced patients and doctors to evacuate this place.

14:44- The crash of a drone in the Zionist settlement of Sderot

The media of the Israeli regime, by publishing pictures of the Zionist settlement of Sderot around the Gaza Strip, announced the fall of a drone in this settlement.

Channel 13 of the Zionist regime confirmed the crash of a drone in the town of Sderot and reported that this time a necessary investigation will be conducted to determine whether the drone was fired from Gaza or whether it belonged to the Israeli army.

14:28- Atvan: Evacuating the patient from the hospital is unprecedented in the history of mankind

Abdulbari Atwan, the editor of the regional newspaper Rayalyoum and a prominent Palestinian analyst, in response to the evacuation of al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza by the Zionist regime and the silence of Arab and Islamic statesmen against this heinous crime, wrote in a tweet: the evacuation of al-Shifa Hospital and the evacuation of patients, children, infants and the injured From the hospital and throwing them on the street has never happened in the history of mankind.

He added: This is a source of shame for the Arab rulers, their army commanders and the Arab and Islamic nation.

14:25- The head of al-Shifa hospital in Gaza: We are not able to provide services to the sick and wounded

The head of al-Shifa hospital complex in Gaza, which has been occupied and besieged by the Israeli army for a few days, said that 330 patients and 200 wounded are still in the hospital and the patients are experiencing a very difficult situation inside.

The head of this hospital also said that due to the created conditions, the medical staff is not able to provide services to the patients and wounded inside the hospital.

The Israeli regime army has given a one-hour deadline to the officials and medical staff of this hospital to evacuate and has officially started the forced deportation of all the people present in this hospital.

14:20- Demonstration of families of Israeli prisoners in Jerusalem

The families of the Israeli captives started their demonstration an hour ago in the Mawassert area in the outskirts of Quds city and moved towards the main areas of this city.

The families of these captives believe that firstly, Netanyahu’s cabinet does not make much effort to release the captives, and secondly, the goals it has set for the continuation of the war endanger the lives of these 240 people.

13:37- Al-Quds Brigades unveiled the advanced Badr 3 missile

The Saraya Al-Quds military branch of the Islamic Jihad movement has published a video of the moment the advanced Badr 3 missile was fired at the military positions of the Zionist regime and the occupied cities.


13:09- Gaza Information Office: what is happening in al-Shifa hospital is a “war crime”

The Information Office of the Palestinian Authority in the Gaza Strip announced today Saturday: What is happening at Al-Shifa Hospital is a war crime.

The soldiers of the Zionist regime have started to evacuate Al-Shifa hospital and forcefully evict the sick and injured from it.

13:08- Mortar attack of Saraya al-Quds on gatherings of Zionist soldiers

The fighters of Al-Quds Battalions, the military branch of the Islamic Jihad Movement, announced that they targeted the gatherings of Zionist soldiers in the “Al-Sanati” area around the Gaza Strip with mortars.

13:04- Demonstration of 20,000 families of Zionist prisoners against Netanyahu’s government
The 12 TV channel of the Israeli regime reported that more than 20,000 members of the families of the Zionist prisoners held by the Palestinian resistance in Gaza moved towards the occupied city of Quds and asked the government of the Israeli regime and Benjamin Netanyahu to hurry up the release of these prisoners.

12:44- – The Zionist regime began to evacuate al-Shifa hospital in Gaza

The Director General of Gaza Hospitals said in an interview with “Al Jazeera” news channel: The Zionist occupiers forcibly evicted the sick and injured from Al-Shifa complex.

He added: 6 dialysis patients and 22 people died in special care.

He predicted that dozens of wounded would die on the way to forced transfer to southern Gaza.

12:40- Hezbollah’s new operations against the positions of the Zionist regime

The Lebanese Islamic Resistance Movement announced new operations against the positions of the Zionist enemy by issuing separate statements. (news link)

11:50- Zionist militants attack farmers in the West Bank

Settler militias with the support of occupation regime soldiers attacked farmers near Burin town in the south of Nablus located in the West Bank.

11:43- The Fatah movement’s office in Balata camp was bombed

The Zionist regime bombed the office of the Fatah movement in the Balata camp located in the occupied West Bank, as a result of which at least five Palestinians were martyred.

11:32- Hamas confirmed the martyrdom of Ahmed Bahr, the deputy speaker of the Palestinian Parliament

The Islamic resistance movement Hamas announced that Dr. Ahmed Bahr, the Deputy Speaker of the Palestinian Parliament, was martyred.

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Dr. Bahr is a prominent Palestinian politician who was born in Gaza in 1949 and was a member of the political office of Hamas. In the 2006 Palestinian parliamentary elections, after the decisive victory of the Hamas movement, he entered the parliament and became the deputy chairman of Dr. Aziz Aldewik. But after the arrest of the Speaker of the Palestinian Parliament in the West Bank, he replaced him.

11:17- firing two rockets from Lebanese territory to the base of the Israeli regime

“Al-Mayadeen” news channel reported that two rockets were fired from Lebanon and targeted the Israeli regime’s base in “Hadb al-Bostan”.

10:45- Al-Quds announced the targeting of 7 military vehicles and two tanks of the Israeli regime in Gaza

Saraya al-Quds, the military branch of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement, announced that resistance fighters targeted 7 enemy military vehicles in “Tal Al-Havi” and “Al-Sabra” located in the southwest of Gaza City.

Saraya al-Quds also announced that the resistance fighters were able to destroy two Zionist tanks and a bulldozer with tandem mortars and RPGs in Beit Hanoun and west of Beit Lahia.

10:39- Amos Yadlin: Nasrallah has the upper hand on the northern front/ time is not in Israel’s favor

A senior security official of the Zionist regime emphasized that the Israeli army is far from achieving its goals in Gaza, saying that Nasrallah has the upper hand in the northern front and thousands of Israelis have fled from the settlements, which is a big challenge to bring back.(news link)

10:36- UN officials warn about the risk of death due to hunger and thirst in Gaza/ Zionists following “Nakbat 2”

United Nations officials have warned that the Zionist regime is planning to launch Nakbat 2 in Gaza, and Israel is using the disconnection of communications and the Internet to cover up its crimes.

In the shadow of the continued brutal aggression of the Zionist regime against civilians in Gaza, international organizations and authorities continue to warn about the consequences of these aggressions and a real genocide that the occupiers have launched against the Palestinian people.(news link)

10:17- One hour deadline of the Zionist regime to evacuate Al-Shifa Hospital

A medical source in al-Shifa hospital announced the deadline of the Zionist regime to evacuate this hospital and emphasized that the doctors, patients and displaced persons living in the hospital must leave this hospital within one hour.

The head of the surgery department of al-Shifa hospital also confirmed this news and said that the Zionist regime informed us that the hospital should be evacuated from its employees, patients and wounded.

9:22- Hezbollah: We respond to the threats of America by intensifying anti-Zionist attacks

Referring to the state of erosion of the Zionist army against the resistance, a Hezbollah official emphasized that we will never leave Gaza alone and we will respond to the threatening messages of the United States by intensifying our missile and drone attacks against the occupiers.

Sheikh Nabil Qawouq, a member of the Central Council of Hezbollah in Lebanon, in his remarks about the latest developments related to the process of confrontation between the resistance and the Zionist enemy in southern Lebanon and Gaza, announced that the drones of the resistance have reached Haifa and beyond Haifa, and we are in the field with our drones and missiles. We are fighting and we emphasize that Gaza is never alone. The Americans are still sending threatening messages and have sent their ships to the Mediterranean Sea to pressure the Lebanese resistance to stop their operations in the south, but Hezbollah responds to these threats by continuing and intensifying its anti-occupation operations.(news link)

9:07- Bombardment of Khan Yunis/ 26 Palestinians were martyred

Israeli planes bombarded a residential neighborhood in Khan Yunis city in the south of the Gaza Strip early this Saturday, during which 26 Palestinians were martyred, most of them children.

23 people were also injured in these attacks.

8:23- Hezbollah shot down the “Hermes 450” drone of the Zionist regime

The Lebanese Islamic Resistance issued a statement announcing the destruction of a Hermes 450 Zionist drone.

It is stated in this statement: Our fighters destroyed an Israeli Hermes 450 drone, which is a multi-mission military drone, with a missile.
According to this statement, the wreckage of the drone, which was destroyed by a surface-to-air missile, was observed in the area of ​​Izba Al-Jalil.


8:13- A surface-to-air missile was fired from Lebanon towards the north of occupied Palestine

Hebrew-speaking sources reported that a surface-to-air missile was fired from southern Lebanon towards an Israeli drone in northern occupied Palestine.

The Israeli army has claimed to have intercepted and destroyed this missile.

The most important morning news of the 43rd day of the Gaza war

Martyrdom of the head of Al-Wafa Hospital in Gaza in the bombing of the Zionists

Palestinian Safa news agency reported that Dr. Medhat Mohisan, the head of al-Wafa Hospital for the elderly, was killed in the bombardment of the said hospital in al-Zahra, located in the center of the Gaza Strip, and a number of other doctors and refugees were also injured.

Gaza Strip, Al-Aqsa storm, Zionist regime (Israel), Palestine,

Martyrdom of more than 200 medical staff in Gaza

The spokesperson of al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in Gaza announced in an interview with Al Jazeera that so far more than 200 medical staff have been martyred and more than 450 others have been injured in the attacks of the Israeli occupation on the Gaza Strip.

The attack of Saraya al-Quds on the positions of the Zionist army

Saraya al-Quds, the military wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, announced that it targeted the military gatherings of the Israeli regime in Hayy al-Zaitun, located in the south of Gaza City, with 107 rockets.

The military branch of Islamic Jihad also announced that the military area of ​​the “Third Eye” unit of the Israeli army was targeted outside of Gaza.

Bombardment of northern Gaza

The Palestinian media also reported that Israeli regime fighters targeted the northern areas of the Gaza Strip with intense airstrikes in the early hours of Saturday.

Wounding of a Palestinian in the West Bank

The army of the occupying Jerusalem regime opened fire on the Palestinian protesters in the attack on the city of Hebron, and one of them has been injured so far.

Anti-Zionist demonstrations reached Athens

Protesters of the Israeli regime’s crimes against the Palestinians held a demonstration in Athens, the capital of Greece, in support of Palestine and Gaza and condemning the policies of the United States and NATO.


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