The 42nd day of “Operation Storm Al-Aqsa” | Bombardment of Al-Nusirat camp/massive attack on Jenin and Hebron – rahnam

According to the report of the international group of rahnam news agency, the fighters of the Israeli regime bombarded areas in the Gaza Strip, including the Nusirat camp in the center of the 43rd day of the Al-Aqsa storm operation, at the same time as the Zionist military attacked areas in the West Bank such as Jenin and Hebron. They attacked the area, as a result of which some were martyred and some were injured.

👈 Dear readers, follow the most important developments of the 43rd day of the Al-Aqsa storm operation below:

Centcom visits the border of occupied Palestine with Lebanon

The Axios news-analytical website wrote that the command of the US Army Headquarters (CENTCOM) will visit the occupied Palestinian border with Lebanon next week.

The attack of the Zionist army on the Jenin camp

🔹Palestinian media reported about the large-scale attack of the Israeli regime army on the city and camp of Jenin, and at the same time as this attack, the Zionists cut off the electricity in this city.

The pictures published from the Jenin camp show that the Palestinian fighting forces rose up against the attack of the Zionist forces and a fierce conflict took place between them.

At the same time, the Palestinian media reported the occurrence of several explosions in this camp, and it is said that several roadside bombs exploded in the path of bulldozers and Israeli army vehicles.

Video of the moment of exploding the bulldozer of the Israeli army during the attack on the Jenin camp

Palestinian media reported that two Palestinians were injured in this attack, one of them was hit in the chest and the other in the head.

Bombing a house in the Al-Nusirat camp in Gaza

The fighters of the Israeli regime bombed a house in the Nusirat camp located in the center of the Gaza Strip, as a result of which it is said that a large number of people were martyred or injured.

Hamas: America should not repeat the false narrative

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) said in response to the American government’s claim of using medical centers and hospitals as the headquarters and gathering of the Palestinian resistance forces: America should not repeat the false narrative.

🔹 It should be mentioned that during the past days, the Israeli army claimed that Hamas has established its command headquarters under the buildings of Al-Shifa hospital complex, located in the west of Gaza City. The attack of the Zionists on this hospital on Wednesday morning and the inspection and interrogations and searching all the departments of the hospital to find a reason for this claim were useless and Tel Aviv was exposed.

Video of Hezbollah’s missile attack on Israeli army positions

The Islamic resistance in Lebanon released a video of its missile attack on the positions of the Israeli regime army on the border of Lebanon with occupied Palestine and said that this attack resulted in a direct hit and during which the Zionist enemy suffered casualties.

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