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According to rahnam news agency, Seyyed Ehsan Khandozi said during a speech about the situation facing the energy sector: if the policy maker does not have courage and does not take the initiative to accept the problem and solve it, then it is the “problem” that will destroy itself. imposes and forces him to pay much higher social and credit costs to carry out reforms.

He stated: This is despite the fact that due to the social and credit consequences of this imposition, the implementation of that policy may not have the necessary quality and results.

Stopping Khandozi’s “Gasoline for All” proposal at the Economic Coordination Headquarters

He reminded: Unfortunately, in recent years, we have had the same experience in the field of reforming the energy sector.

The Minister of Economy announced: In the first six months of the 13th government, in cooperation with friends with whom we had previously worked in the field of creating an energy quota exchange market for all Iranians, we took a proposal to the government’s coordination headquarters and even went as far as trial implementation. We went ahead, but unfortunately, the work was stopped due to the non-approval of the trustee.

Khandozi clarified: “Maybe if the said project had not been stopped at that point, we would have reached a maturity point by today, because in any case, we would have had to prepare and develop a lot of technical infrastructure to implement it, while so far We had gone part of the way and today we were not yet at the zero point.

The Minister of Economy reminded: Unfortunately, the problem that we policymakers, out of caution, always delay until reaching a complete consensus at the lower levels, in order to present reform plans to the higher levels of the government, has caused, in the field of energy policies to be in a passive position.

Khandozi referring to some suggestions of the experts present in the meeting Making people the beneficiaries of non-price reforms and the price of energy, as well as implementing plans as quickly as possible, such as presentingsavings certificate The field of energy contained in the document of the 7th development plan said: These are among the very good events that must be implemented in the 13th government, and we in the Ministry of Economy have entered into an interaction with the Chamber of Commerce for a non-price model for the modification of boilers.

The Minister of Economy continued: Unfortunately, due to cruel sanctions, such as the years of abundant oil revenues in the second half of the 1980s, we do not have the necessary credits to compensate for the increase in energy carrier rates for the people. Price correction or the development of renewable energy was more open than today.

Understanding with the Chinese on the issue of electric cars to overcome bottlenecks in the energy field

He said: During my recent visit to China in the presence of the first vice president, we tried to use the “external” capacities of the economy by reaching understandings on the issue of electric cars to alleviate some of the existing budget constraints regarding the implementation of projects. Let’s leave the field of energy.

This report indicates that, in this meeting, university professors and experts present their opinions and suggestions in the field of energy, among them was the suggestion of “revising electricity pricing” in a way that creates incentives for new investment by private companies. in order to establish a power plant.

Removing the monopoly of Tawanir company in the export, import and sale of electricity and granting concessions in this regard to the private sector And entering the field of solar electricity production was among other suggestions made by professors and experts in this meeting.

According to this report, the reduction of gasoline consumption through the requirement of mandatory standards for car manufacturers to reduce the consumption of production vehicles, the introduction of alternative sources instead of gasoline, as well as the development of public transportation and the creation of advantages for their use by citizens are among other proposals. by the audience in the meeting with the Minister of Economy. Setting up an energy market and making it possible to buy and sell gasoline quotas were among the other proposals raised in this meeting.
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