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According to rahnam news agency, Mehdi Sarmast said about the advantages of the direct tax law amendment bill: Currently, the provincial tax system in our country is such that a series of separate and scattered taxes are collected, such as rental income tax, business income tax Salary tax and some tax bases are also exempted, such as deposit and income tax, which were exempt until now.

He added: This dispersion and not seeing the same tax bases has created an unfair situation. Because each of them has different rates, they have their own special exemptions, and it has made it unclear whether someone who is high-income and earns money from several sources of income really pays more taxes or not.

This economic expert continued: In general, this system is not fair for a worker or employee to pay taxes before receiving their salary, but someone who has hundreds of millions of income, or has deposits in the bank, or has large incomes in other ways, does not pay taxes.

Sarmast stated that another advantage of the total income tax is the deduction of living expenses for its calculation and added: This is despite the fact that currently living expenses such as education, rent, medical expenses, etc. are not taken into account, but in the calculation of income tax The total income after summing up the individual’s income, some of these expenses are deducted and a basic exemption is also given, and then tax is charged according to the tax rate.

He emphasized: This system is a fair system where everyone pays taxes according to their living needs and according to their income level.

This economic researcher further said about the practical way of implementing tax on total income: To implement this issue, the information of individuals is collected from different collections, for example, the company or the government collection that pays the salary to the individual, sends its information to the tax affairs organization or If the bank gives facilities and if it gives deposit interest, it sends its information to the Tax Administration, and if it has information about the individual’s transactions, that organization, such as the registration organization or license plate exchange centers, etc., sends the information to the Tax Administration along with the transactions. The person’s bank account and these are matched, and the expenses are also deducted, and the collection of these is displayed as a default tax declaration electronically for the individual, and each individual can make corrections or objections within a specified time frame.

Sarmast added: The total income tax bill has been sent to the parliament in recent days, but it has not yet been announced.

In the end, he emphasized: With the implementation of this tax base, in addition to increasing tax justice, because different incomes are treated the same, this issue also has a positive effect on economic efficiency and the economic incentive system, as disruptive activities are also taxed. It will benefit the real economic actors in the society.

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