Every international reporter; A soldier of the Zionist army – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency, Iran International TV announced in a news today that its employees are the first people who entered the occupied areas in Gaza as journalists from the army of the occupied Quds regime.

After the riots of the previous year and the failure of the project of disintegration of Iran, which it was following, International came under the management of the Zionist regime by changing its financial sponsor, and we saw an increase in the interviews of this network with its leaders, such as Benjamin Netanyahu and Ron Dermer, the minister of strategic affairs of his cabinet. These interviews have intensified in recent weeks.

The activity of this network, especially after the Al-Aqsa storm and live broadcasting from the occupied territories, is a sign of the management of former Israel Radio presenters such as Mensheh Amir and Ben Sabati, and they are a constant presence on the air of this network every day!

However, it seems that the Zionist employer assigns a role beyond a network to International; The enthusiastic publication of the news of their arrival in the areas occupied by the Israelis in Gaza shows that they have become the forces of the war propaganda headquarters and that every international reporter is a soldier of the Zionist regime who carries a camera instead of a gun!

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