Directed and anti-armor missile fire from Lebanese territory to the north of occupied Palestine – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam International News Agency, news sources announced today that a guided missile was fired at an Israeli regime military base between Arab al-Aramsha and al-Jardah settlements in the north of occupied Palestine.

Also, the Zionist Army Radio reported that following the firing of an anti-armor missile from Lebanon to the north of occupied Palestine, the main roads in the “Al Jalil al-Ala” region were closed.

The Zionist regime resumed air and artillery attacks on southern Lebanon

Also, news sources reported about the air attack of the Zionist regime around the town of “Al-Jebin” located in the city of Tire in Lebanon.

According to the published reports, the Zionist regime’s artillery targeted the area around the town of “Aitoron” with four mortar rounds.

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