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According to the economic reporter of rahnam news agency, the President of our country, Ebrahim Raisi, visited Fars province at the beginning of October this year, during the start of the university academic year, and said: At the beginning of the government, we pledged to create one million jobs in the country every year, and this issue is The agenda is set, some cities have problems in attracting labor, but 23 provinces of the country passed the critical employment issue. The promise of one million jobs a year is being fulfilled.

According to the statements of the deputy of employment, the commitment to create employment in 1402 is about one million and 88 thousand people.

In an interview, Mahmoud Karimi Biranvand, Deputy Minister of Employment of the Ministry of Labor, pointed out that the report of the Statistics Center, which is pure and shows created employment, said: It means the entry and exit of the labor market. That is, those for whom new jobs are created, minus those who leave the labor market. According to the statistics of the summer of 1402, there were nine hundred and seven thousand new job opportunities, that is, the net employment created was this amount.

Karimi Biranvand stated that in the spring of 1402, we had more than 728,000 net jobs created, and stated: The employment monitoring system shows online and instantaneously, according to the statistics of the monitoring system in 1401, more than 1,350,000 new job opportunities based on the national code. We counted the type of job, the place where the job was created, the device that helped to create that job, and the number of jobs created by each project. After the counts, three-stage monitoring has been carried out, i.e. SMS, call and face-to-face.

Emphasizing that the verification takes place in three stages, the deputy of the Ministry of Labor said: We verify all the statistics of the National Employment Monitoring System in three stages. We contact both the applicant and our in-person supervisors across the country for projects that are sure to be funded and evaluate them in person.

According to the Deputy Minister of Employment of the Ministry of Labor, the employment monitoring system can only be registered once for each national code, which means that one national code cannot be registered twice on the system. He said: But for one national code, how many employment services can be registered, for example They register nationally, a device has given it training, a device has provided facilities, a device has provided market conditions, for example, but in our counting, that national code is only counted once, not three times.

Karimi Biranoud said about the amount of job creation since the beginning of the 13th government until now: including the second half, 1400 if I want to say. In 1401, almost one million jobs were created according to the exact statistics that we have on the observation system. Currently, the statistics of the observation system are 800 thousand. Approximately 1.8 million job opportunities. In addition, in the second half of 2014, we created approximately 680,000 new job opportunities. If we consider the accuracy factor, since the beginning of Mehr 1400 until now, almost two and a half million new job opportunities have been created. Each person means a national code that we know, where he is working and what he is doing.

He said about the decreasing trend of the unemployment rate of women in the 13th government: One of the reasons for the decrease in the unemployment rate of women in the 13th government has been the continuous decrease in the unemployment rate of women in almost all seasons. One of the reasons is the development of home businesses. We had 103,000 job opportunities in the field of home jobs, which is unique in its kind. This number was only 28,000 home jobs in 2019. But in 1401, more than 103 thousand new jobs were created. In addition to this, according to the statistics of the monitoring system, about 86,000 new home jobs have been created so far, and the facilities that we have given in the field of home jobs have reached 5,000 billion tomans with the 1,000 billion tomans allocated by the Central Bank recently. This amount is for the first time. The highest amount is in the years of the implementation of the law on domestic jobs, and naturally, the majority of job opportunities, according to the statistics of the Statistics Center and according to the National Employment Monitoring System, are first in the service sector, then in the industry sector, and then in the agriculture sector.

He continued: In the summer of 1402, the share of services in employment was about 53% and about 41% in the industry sector and 6% in the agriculture sector. We had a significant increase in employment created in the industry sector, one of the reasons for this was the revival of semi-active and semi-closed units in the 13th government.

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