Ayatollah Khamenei has seriously and strongly pursued the cause of Palestine according to the line and vision of the Imam until its realization – rahnam

According to the political group of rahnam News Agency, decades ago and in an era when the Palestinian issue was considered finished and no longer had a place in the public opinion of the nations, Imam Khomeini, may God have mercy on him, by creating a huge transformation, started an awakening movement in the nation. They created Islam and made the defense of the Palestinian issue and the fight against the usurping Zionist regime the first issue of the Islamic world.

On the 14th of June this year, Ayatollah Khamenei described this great transformation in the Holy Shrine of Imam Khomeini, may God have mercy on him, as follows: “But what happened at the level of the Islamic Ummah – the transformation at the level of the Ummah – (was that) the Imam started the process of Islamic awakening. The period of passivity and immobility in the Islamic world moved towards weakness and destruction with the movement of the Imam. Today, the Islamic Ummah is more dynamic, more active, more ready, more lively than before the victory of the Islamic Revolution and the era before the Imam, although there is still a need to work more in this field. The issue of Palestine, after the Zionists and their supporters thought it was a finished issue, and there was no reason for Palestine to be raised anymore, with the movement of the Imam and the transformation of the Imam at the level of the Islamic Ummah, it became the first issue of the Islamic world. Today, the issue of Palestine is considered the first issue of the Islamic world. Today, Palestine is the center of attention of Muslim nations. The resounding of Palestinian leaders’ voices from the top of the Zionist regime’s embassy in Tehran at the beginning of the revolution shook and shook the world; Everyone understood that a new era has begun in the context of Palestine; He breathed life into the depressed body of the Palestinian nation and today you see that the Palestinian nation proves its presence with strength and power and delivers its message to the world. On Quds Day, not only in Iran or in Tehran, even in the capitals of the non-Muslim world, people support and defend the Palestinians; This is also a change at the level of the nation. 03/14/1402

KHAMENEI.IR media, on the occasion of the honorable Al-Aqsa storm operation, in an interview with Ms. Zahra Mostafavi, the respected Sabia of Imam Khomeini (RA), the head of the board of trustees of the Palestine Nation Defense Society and the secretary general of the International Union of Non-Governmental Organizations Supporting Palestine, while examining the position of the Palestinian cause in The thinking of Imam Khomeini (RA) had a look at the recent developments in Palestine and the situation of the resistance movement.

At the beginning of the discussion, as the son of the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Imam Khomeini, may God have mercy on him, and as someone who has worked in the field of supporting Palestine for many years, tell us about the place of the Palestinian cause in the thinking of the great founder of the Islamic Revolution.

Palestine had a high position in the intellectual system of Imam Khomeini, may God have mercy on him. In fact, the imam was the soul of the messiah that was breathed into the body of the Islamic nation and the Palestinians who were desperate for liberation. Therefore, he put the fight against the Zionist regime in the agenda of his Islamic movement, along with the fight against America and the Pahlavi regime. Because Islamic teachings emphasize that one should be with the oppressed and take action against the oppressor; Be an enemy to the oppressor and a helper to the oppressed.

In fact, the right-seeking nature of Islamic thinking has not allowed a believer to be silent about oppression and oppressors and about the justice stolen from the oppressed. Based on this, the fight against the usurping regime of Israel, which is an example of a tyrant, cannot have a place in the intellectual system of Imam Khomeini, may God have mercy on him. In fact, Imam’s thought goes beyond the national framework, and from the very beginning of the movement, they considered the Islamic Revolution as the beginning of forming a global movement to eliminate oppression and establish justice. Therefore, trying to mobilize the masses of people in the world to pay attention to the Palestinian issue and support its oppressed nation was a priority in his intellectual system.

How did the Imam, may God have mercy on him, turn the cause of Palestine into the first issue of the Islamic world?

In Islam, Jihad is an obligation on all members of the society and cannot be delegated. Before the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the Palestinian society had delegated the task of fighting and liberating the homeland to Palestinian groups and Arab governments for 30 years, and they were waiting for others to do their task. But Islamic societies in general and Arab societies in particular had been subjected to the material growth and military, economic and political capabilities of the West, and considering the support that the usurping Zionist regime received from the West, there was no glimmer of hope for the possibility of success and victory over this occupying regime. They did not even imagine.

Palestinian groups, who saw Western imperialism as a supporter of the Zionists, turned to the opposite camp, i.e., the leftist ideological current, i.e. Marxism and Communism – because they believed that these two camps were rivals and therefore planned their campaigns by leaning towards leftist thinking. But they also had no hope of victory and followed their struggle, which they called the revolution of the Palestinian nation, with the sole aim of hitting the enemy and expressing that they are also present as an actor in this equation.

But the failure of the Arab countries and their tendency towards the West had also disappointed these groups and almost all of them had surrendered. It was in such a situation that the Islamic Revolution won and immediately some measures such as closing the embassy of the usurping Israeli regime in Tehran and turning it into the first Palestinian embassy in the world and also the strategic slogan “Today Iran, Tomorrow Palestine” provoked the communities of the region and the Palestinian society. And it created the hope that one more component should be included in this equation and that was “people and religious duty”. That is, the Palestinian people realized that they had mistakenly delegated the task that was their responsibility to others for 3 decades and thus delayed the liberation of the homeland.

Imam Khomeini, may God have mercy on him, after the establishment of the Islamic system, in the first step by declaring the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan as “World Quds Day”, he practically brought the issue of the occupation of Palestine and Quds Sharif from the sidelines to the religious life of Muslims. An action that did not allow them to forget the Islamic communities of Palestine. The Imam’s other action was the order to form the Movement Corps, which was later added to Iran’s military forces as the “Quds Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps” with the specific mission of striving for the “liberation of Palestine” and “removing the usurping Israeli regime from the world.”

These two important measures, along with other political and cultural measures, practically put Palestine at the top of the priorities of the Islamic world.

How has the extension of this pure thinking of Imam, may God have mercy on him, been until today in the Islamic Republic of Iran?

As it was said earlier, Palestine has an imperative importance in the Imam’s thought system, and the Islamic revolution and the Islamic system arising from this thinking have made this priority their priority, and the Imam has taken actions such as the World Quds Day and the formation of the Quds Force and… , has structured the pursuit of this priority in the Islamic society.

Alhamdulillah, Ayatollah Khamenei (may God bless him and grant him peace) as the worthy successor of the Imam, has followed the cause of Palestine according to the line and vision of the Imam with seriousness and strength until its realization, and the governments of the Islamic Republic of Iran, especially the current government, under his guidance in all these years They have pursued pure thinking and the result can be seen in the formation of the Islamic resistance of Palestine and the axis of resistance at the regional level and their achievements in confronting the cancerous tumor of Israel.

What role does the recent victorious operation of the Palestinian resistance under the title of Al-Aqsa Storm have in approaching the ideals of the liberation of Jerusalem and the realization of the destruction of the Zionist regime?

Al-Aqsa storm operation, which started on October 15 this year from the resistant Gaza, is actually considered a very important stage and a very serious development in the course of the struggle of the Palestinian nation.

In all the past wars, the Palestinian nation entered the conflict only in the position of defense against the aggression of the Zionist regime. Even the Saif al-Quds operation that took place about three years ago was a defensive war against the aggression of the Zionist regime in the Sheikh Jarrah area. An operation that lacked prior planning and a prior operational plan. But the type of Al-Aqsa storm indicates a comprehensive prior planning and operational plans defined for different stages of the war.

Therefore, this operation, which was carried out in compliance with all the principles of war, i.e. the principle of surprise and definition of goals, etc., is considered a turning point in the war equations between Palestine and the usurping Israeli regime. In fact, the Al-Aqsa storm should be considered an “exercise for the liberation of Palestine”. The number of 1500 trained fighters of the Palestinian resistance in a surprise operation, the dimensions of which must be revealed by military experts, in less than 6 hours, destroyed a professional division, the Gaza division of the Zionist army, and destroyed 22 cities and towns up to a depth of 35 kilometers around. They destroy Gaza in terms of security. This is while they killed more than a thousand enemy soldiers and captured more than 200 others.

Therefore, the Zionist enemy and its supporters are extremely worried, and the numerous trips of Western leaders to the occupied Palestinian lands and the sending of a huge amount of weapons and military equipment, and the provision of heavy financial incentives by Western governments, and brutal attacks on civilian people and the widespread massacre of women and The children are an indication of the depth of the impact that the Al-Aqsa storm has inflicted. Now this question is raised in the military and security centers of Israel and the West, that if the resistance was able to inflict such a terrible defeat on Israel with such a small number of fighters, then as the resistance has announced, with the number of, for example, 40 thousand people and connection to the West Bank, is it possible? Israel’s usurping regime will not be destroyed?

There is no doubt that after this war the conditions in the occupied territories, the region and the world will change contrary to the expectations and desires of the Zionist current and the arrogant West, and this means that the final victory over the Zionist regime of Israel and the West is very – I emphasize – very close.

What are the duties of the Islamic world to stop the crimes of the Zionist regime in Gaza, to increase the pressure on the occupying regime and its western supporters?

As I said before, the Islamic world has been in some way oppressed by the material growth of the West, but the Iranian Islamic Revolution and the steadfastness of the Iranian people, who believe in their revolutionary goals, including the freedom of Palestine and the elimination of the Zionist regime, have shown the Islamic world the way out of the deadlock. have given. The axis of resistance showed that doing one’s duty and not being afraid of the multitude of enemy formations is associated with victory. Therefore, since 1982, when Lebanese youths formed Hezbollah, and then Palestinian youths formed Islamic Jihad and Hamas, the resistance has been advancing and it is the enemy that has been defeated step by step and no victory can be seen in its record. However, the resistance is on the rise and a history full of success has been recorded in its record.

Al-Aqsa storm operation also showed that not the entire resistance axis, but only a small group under siege for 17 years, can inflict the biggest defeat of the Zionist regime’s life on it. Therefore, the Islamic world must free itself from the prison of fear of Zionism and the West and put practical support for the Palestinian resistance on its agenda.

Sanctioning the export of oil and gas to the West and the usurping regime of Israel, attempting to cancel the membership of 57 Islamic countries in the United Nations and delegitimizing this passive organization that supports the Palestinian genocide, as well as similar actions regarding the International Criminal Court, opening the borders and releasing Muslim people to give practical help to our Muslim brothers in Palestine is one of the minimum measures expected from the Islamic world and Islamic governments.

In the end, I must emphasize that it is as if the Almighty God has placed the usurping regime of Israel as a criterion for distinguishing the ranks of the believers and the pure from the non-believers and the impure on the threshold of a global event that human history is witnessing.

The volume of protests in non-Muslim communities against the crimes of the Zionists and the support of the western governments to this brutal regime, as well as the passivity and sometimes the cooperation of some Islamic governments with the usurping regime of Israel and the West in these crimes, is actually a sieve to separate the ranks of the pure from the impure, until the coming of a friendly government. The choices are clear.

As a last question, how did you get involved in the Palestinian issue? Was it the Imam’s advice to you? And that you manage one or two people’s groups on the topic of supporting Palestine, can you explain a little about this?

You see, my attention to the issue of Palestine was a problem that existed in me. It means that in the beginning, what existed in my individual personality was related to anti-tyranny. I used to be very sensitive and angry about someone’s cruelty towards someone else, and I hated cruelty and cruelty and I still have it. And of course, maybe the imam’s constant attention and concern for the Palestine issue was not without influence in having this spirit of support for Palestine, but nevertheless, I had this feeling more inside me and in social activities, I was extremely angry when I saw a scene where someone was oppressed. I would react to it.

I remember an example of this was an incident that happened to defend an oppressed person during a pilgrimage to Karbala, and I ended up with injuries to my fingers.

In any case, from this point of view, I was particularly sensitive to the issue of Palestine, which was the story of the oppression of a nation and the narrative of the oppression of an occupying regime. In fact, I was interested in defending the oppression that was done to the Palestinians. After the death of the Imam, I seriously entered into this issue and with a number of brothers, on the recommendation of the Supreme Leader, and with the aim of popular support for the Palestinian issue, we created a popular organization called the Defense of the Palestinian Nation. The activity of this population was within the borders of the country and its effort was to spread Palestinian knowledge inside.

In the very beginning days of the establishment of the Palestine Nation Defense Society, we reached the presence of the Supreme Leader, while appreciating the move, he said something about the necessity of working for Palestine outside Iran’s borders. We immediately established the International Union of Non-Governmental Organizations in Support of Palestine with some of our loved ones at home and abroad who were active in the field of supporting Palestine, and we tried to use the capacity of foreign organizations supporting Palestine in this field to help the Palestinians.

In fact, we created the Union to pursue the rights of the oppressed Palestinian nation abroad and the Jamiat to spread Palestinian knowledge inside, and Alhamdulillah both groups are still active. And we hope that these cultural efforts will lead to enlightenment regarding the obvious cruelty of the rulers to the Palestinian nation and one day we will witness the liberation of the Palestinian nation and the first Qibla of Muslims from the clutches of the occupying Zionist regime, which was forged in the Islamic land of Palestine in clear collusion with the governments that won World War II. .

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