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According to the political reporter of rahnam news agency, Alireza Zakani, the mayor of Tehran, in the meeting of the provincial secretaries of the parties of the revolutionary transformation front that was held this evening (Thursday), during his remarks referring to the elections of the 12th session of the Islamic Council which will be held in March, said: We hope that maximum participation and appropriate selection of representatives will lead to the formation of a more revolutionary assembly than all previous assemblies and we will witness the effectiveness of the values ​​of the revolution.

He pointed out: Today, our government and parliament have a revolutionary spirit. Although there are differences in tastes, the foundations and orientations are the same, so the movement should be in the direction of helping the government, which has a heavy burden on its shoulders.

Referring to the importance of understanding the current conditions of the country, the region and the world, the mayor of Tehran said: We are in a historical time and global conditions are changing. In the past, a few people used to sit and make decisions for the whole people and others would accompany them, but little by little the path went in the direction that it is necessary for us to unite the profession, but the unity should be based on principles and values, not individuals.

Emphasizing that unity should be formed on the basis of the religious leader, he clarified: The idea was that when we gather together based on the religious leader’s axis, we are united, so the series of developments demands that we should pass away and this famous It was that the capacity of the reformers is decisive, but they are not looking for a share.

Zakani pointed out: This group should be proud of holding the flag of change and we should be present on the scene, otherwise other people will take your place.

The mayor of Tehran continued: We must get out of passivity, we are sacrificers of values ​​and ideals, and in this way, our standard is our imam and our leader. Therefore, we must develop our organizations and be present in all scenes as an active part of the political current.

Zakani added: We have to go to the people and revive hope in the society. Although the conditions of the country are changing and we are making progress, this should not make us forget the problems.

He said: We must maintain the orientations of the current parliament and try to make the next parliament even stronger and better than this, and we must speed up revolution.

The mayor of Tehran emphasized: the future path is a clear and definite path. We must maintain this path and know that if we want transformation, rationality is its characteristic.

Zakani further pointed to the holding of the meeting of reformers and noted: This gathering will definitely have an impact on the way ahead and the elections in March.

In another part of his speech, referring to the performance of Tehran Municipality in the last two years, he said: “In the past, we were faced with a complex that did not have a specific function, and our effort was to overcome the problems of the past in urban management.” And find new horizons for the city.

The mayor of Tehran said: Today, when we are at your service, we have a different background from the past periods and we have set new horizons on the agenda. Today, you can see that seven metro lines are active and under development.

He said: Urban management and services provided by municipalities are services that people understand and feel the impact of in their lives.

In another part of these words, Zakani said, referring to the recent developments in the region: Today, our region is experiencing its most sensitive days in contemporary history. The Palestinian people have the most difficult conditions and are paying the price of freedom and independence and serving God.

He added: The Palestinian nation is at the peak of authority and honor, but at the same time oppressed and deprived, and the criminals of the Zionist regime are in front of it.

Zakani emphasized: We salute this nation and the axis of resistance, which provide the conditions for the emergence of the savior of humanity.

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