When are the salaries of the retired educators paid in Shahrivar and Mehr? – rahnam

According to the social reporter of rahnam news agency, the non-payment of salaries of some of the newly retired educators who retired in September and Mehr this year has caused their complaints and dissatisfaction.

This issue was reported by rahnam reporter “National Pension Fund” followed up and this box announced to rahnam:

“In September and October of this year, a total of 53,000 educators have retired, of which 30,000 have received their salaries at the end of October and after completing their files.

Another 13,000 people out of 50,000 retired educators will receive their salaries at the end of November this month along with the arrears of October, while the rest of these people will have their salaries deposited due to the lack of a retirement order and return to work in education. It has not been done, and another part has not received their pensions due to the defects of their files, and they will receive their pensions as soon as their files are completed.

According to rahnam’s report, the salaries of retired educators are deposited into the account of retirees on the 29th of every month based on the amount of salary, and this process continues for three days. Also, according to the laws and regulations, the number of retired educators is determined at the end of September of each year and their orders are issued and in They continue to receive their salaries regularly from the national pension fund.

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