“The gang of professional forgers of documents and seals of judicial and government officials” was destroyed + video – rahnam

According to the social group of rahnam news agency, following the complaint received from citizens regarding the falsification of government and official documents, the signature and seal of judicial authorities, the seal and seal of important government and judicial departments due to the sensitivity and complexity of the issue, in coordination with the relevant authorities and after After receiving the necessary inquiries, the investigation of the case was placed on the agenda of the anonymous soldiers of Imam Zaman (A.S.) in the protection and information center of the judicial branch.

During a period of information measures and preliminary investigations, one of the accused of the professional forgery gang was arrested, and after complex laboratory, technical and intelligence measures by the anonymous soldiers of protection and intelligence of the judiciary, the main accused was also identified.


In the second stage of the operation, the protection and intelligence agents of the judicial branch managed to discover the main hiding place of the accused with technical and pre-coordinated measures, and at the same time, they arrested the accused at the scene of the crime along with a lot of fake documents and modern forgery equipment.

A considerable number of stamps, marks, fake office papers and raw and fake documents were seized from the accused.

By using fake documents, the defendants had succeeded in concluding several clauses of the contract with individuals in the northern areas of Tehran, including Velanjak and Zafaranieh, and the amount of commitments made in a complaint in one area of ​​Tehran was estimated at 167 billion tomans.

According to rahnam, security and intelligence experts of the judiciary are still conducting technical investigations to identify other factors, related parties and other aspects of the crime.

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