The death of 4 American soldiers, the result of the last resistance operations in eastern Syria; Will the US death toll exceed 60? – rahnam

According to the Arabic site of rahnam news agency, four American soldiers were killed in the attack of the resistance groups on the Koniko gas field located in eastern Syria. An incident that can be an important turning point in the confrontation between the Syrian and Iraqi resistances on the one hand and the American invaders on the other hand.


The resistance forces launched 15 rockets and targeted the enemy’s military operation command center in Koniko base. This is the first stage of the military response of the resistance groups to the American aggression in the cities of Bokmal and the fields of Deir Ezzor. Resistance was not enough; In addition, three drones targeted the “Al-Shadadi” base. This two-stage response resulted in human casualties (killed and wounded). But Washington hides it.

The leader of the Lebanese Islamic Resistance (Hezbollah), Seyed Hassan Nasrallah, said in his speech at the beginning of the week: “The United States admitted that its military bases in Iraq and Syria have been targeted by resistance forces 46 times. America clearly admitted that 56 of its soldiers were injured during these attacks. “Some American soldiers are wounded and some have brain shock.”

This situation is being repeated on a daily basis in eastern Syria. Resistance targets American military bases with various tactics and methods. This situation has caused the American forces in eastern Syria to be on military alert; to reduce their vulnerability. But again, they are surprised by the diversification of objectives, weapons and attack tactics by the resistance. The resistance emphasizes that the train to expel American soldiers from the region has started and will not stop until it reaches the last station.

Zakaria Shahud, a writer and political analyst, said in this regard: “Following the Al-Aqsa storm operation, which was like an explosion in the region, I believe that the axis of resistance is acting in an organized manner to shorten America’s hand from the region.” America is leading the main war to maintain the security of the Zionist regime.

The exchange of fire between the resistance groups and the American occupying forces in Syria and Iraq is increasing. The resistance emphasizes the continuation of intensifying its attacks until the withdrawal of American troops from Syria and Iraq. Even for the expulsion of America from Iraq, conditions have been set! According to one of the resistance commanders (Abu Alaa Al-Wolaei), their safe and peaceful exit is conditional on “stopping the siege of Gaza” and “the arrival of humanitarian aid convoys in this area”. America is in a difficult situation; Will the experience of “Vietnam” and “Iraq” be repeated?

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