Procrastination of social security in insuring taxi drivers/ the need to enter the Court of Justice – rahnam

In an interview with the social reporter of rahnam News Agency, Morteza Zamani said about the complaint of some taxi drivers about the non-establishment of social security insurance: the problem of this category of taxi drivers in the non-establishment of insurance is related to the social security organization, while the government provides the necessary credit for this. It predicts in the annual budget every year.

He continued: Some people use social security insurance in the name of taxi drivers, which should be removed from the insurance list and replaced by new taxi drivers, but despite repeated follow-ups, the necessary results for updating this list have not been achieved.

The CEO of the country’s urban taxi drivers’ union stated: the social security organization has a good momentum in removing people, but it does not have the necessary cooperation to replace new people, while insuring new drivers is a legal obligation for the organization, and despite the fact that the legislator has provided the conditions and possibility for provides social security and the government allocates a budget to it every year in this regard, this organization insures people who are interested and delays in insuring the rightful people who have an activity license!

He stated that the Social Security Organization should be responsible in this regard, and stated: According to the official statistics of the Social Security Organization, out of 313,000 insured people in the various fields of public transportation in the country, 200,000 people are in the field of taxis, agencies, and transportation. Freight forwarding and 120 thousand people from different cities of the country are waiting to be included in the insurance list.

Zamani pointed out: Our follow-ups through administrative means have not reached anywhere, but maybe the taxi drivers can approach the Court of Administrative Justice so that social security is obliged to fulfill its legal duty.

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