“National Satellite Internet” is on the agenda of the Space Organization + Film – rahnam

According to the space and astronomy reporter of rahnam news agency, Isa Zarepour; The Minister of Communications and Information Technology stated on the sidelines of the government board meeting: National satellite internet is in our long-term plans, and in order to be able to use our own capacities to provide satellite internet, this issue has been placed on the agenda of the Iranian Space Organization.


Zarepour stated that this work should be done with the cooperation of other countries and clarified: the national satellite internet project in the short term is not economically viable for a country with satellite systems to provide internet to the people and it definitely needs a regional consortium which today We are consulting and negotiating with different countries.

The Minister of Communications said: We welcome the presence and activity of satellite internet providers in Iran, provided that they accept our territorial rules, and today the International Telecommunication Union and the World Radio Regulations Board have forced that the world’s largest satellite internet service providers must provide services in the republic. Islamic Iran to get permission.

Zarepour emphasized: We are writing a letter to invite them and based on these preparations, we welcome their presence.

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