Haniyeh: We have no doubts about winning this battle – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam News Agency, Haniyeh said during his speech today that the war of the Zionist enemy against Gaza hospitals is against all international laws and customs.

Haniyeh emphasized that the Zionist enemy will not be able to return its prisoners unless it pays the price.

He further added: “The Zionist enemy will be driven out of the Palestinian land, and there will be no result other than defeat.” All the plans of the enemy will fail and none of its goals will be achieved.

The head of the political bureau of the Hamas movement said: The whole world should know that only the people of Gaza and the Palestinian nation have the right to decide on the future of Gaza.

According to Haniyeh, what the Palestinian nation did in the Gaza Strip shook the whole world and led to a global uprising despite the heavy price that followed.

Referring to the course of the Zionist regime’s war against Gaza, he stated: After 41 days of the war in Gaza and the brutal crimes of the enemy, the nation and the Palestinian resistance, all its plans and programs to resettle Palestinians and return captives under force have failed. they dragged

The leader of Hamas continued: The Zionist enemy also shuts down any action at the international level. The occupying enemy considers itself beyond any law and opposes the implementation of the Security Council resolution.

He also called for the implementation of the decisions of the Arab and Islamic Summit in Riyadh, especially the reopening of Gaza crossings for Palestinians.

Haniyeh expressed his opinion: The Palestinian nation in the West Bank continues to challenge the enemy and continue with the brutal crimes of this regime and terrorist settlers.

The head of the political bureau of Hamas demanded the immediate holding of the meetings of the committees arising from the recent summit of Islamic and Arab leaders.

The Zionist enemy and its supporters should know that Hamas is a movement rooted in the land of Palestine and that the enemy and its allies will never be able to change the current realities in Gaza.

Appreciating the Arab and Muslim countries, he added: Greetings to the Islamic and Arab nations who continue their actions in condemning the barbaric crimes of the enemy. Greetings to the nations of the world who came to the streets and squares in support of Gaza.

In the end, he pointed out: We announce to the nation that Gaza created an epic in the history of the nation that has not been seen for more than 100 years. This battle is the battle of all nations and everyone should help the people of Gaza with money, weapons and jihad.

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