Haddadal: Israel’s brutality in Gaza shows the nature of Western civilization – rahnam

According to the political reporter of rahnam news agency, the meeting of the provincial secretaries of the revolutionary parties was held this evening (Thursday, December 25) in Tehran.

Gholam Ali Haddadadal, the head of the Council of the Revolutionary Forces Coalition, attended this meeting, and during his speech, referring to the events of these days in Gaza, while emphasizing that the main supporter of Israel for committing crimes in the Gaza Strip is the United States, he said: Looking at the history of American interference in the affairs region, we come to the conclusion that the American government has failed all these years.

He pointed out that the presence and intervention of America in the situation of Iraq has not brought any results for this country. Also, in Lebanon, with all the money they spent and the pressures they brought to Lebanon, it is the resistance that speaks first. In Yemen, despite all the crimes they committed, today we see that Yemen has become a strong side and a new player in the axis of resistance, and in Afghanistan, despite widespread propaganda, they were finally forced to flee in disgrace.

Stating that supporting Israel has a dignified aspect for America, Haddadal said: “The brutality we are witnessing today in the Gaza Strip shows the nature of Western civilization, which for centuries has been insisting that all civilizations should be subject to it.

The head of the Revolutionary Forces Alliance Council reminded: Before the victory of the revolution and during the Cold War, Western civilization presented itself as a defender of peace, human rights and democracy, and until it was fighting the Soviet Union, it pretended to be against the arrogance and dictatorship of the Soviet Union. it works. But this civilization has removed its mask today and is showing its true image to the world.

Haddadadal said: Today, Palestine is a laboratory for verifying all the slogans given in Western civilization, and the Westerners must answer the question, which of the foundations of the new world order does the Zionist regime follow?

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