Flooding on the way to Mazandaran/drivers should not travel on the mountain road – rahnam

In an interview with rahnam reporter in Sari, Hossein Ali Mohammadi stated that, based on the weather forecast of the province, an orange warning has been issued, and with the strengthening of the northerly moist currents and the passage of waves in the mid-atmosphere, from tomorrow to Saturday morning, rain will be witnessed in different areas of Mazandaran, especially in We are in the western parts of the province.

He added: strong wind and lightning, as well as a decrease in the temperature of the province, and the possibility of hail and fog in the weather forecast in the next two days, the possibility of flooding is predicted.

The Director General of Crisis Management of Mazandaran Governorate stated that there will be flooding of roads and river routes and flooding of rivers, and stated that relatively strong winds, rock falls in mountainous areas, lightning and reduced visibility are expected. With the increase in the amount of rains, we will witness disruptions in mountain road traffic on the Haraz and Kandavan roads.

According to the Director General of Crisis in Mazandaran Governorate, there is a possibility of damage to low resistance structures and damaged bridges during rainstorms, and therefore it is important to observe any safety issues.

He pointed to the readiness of the relief forces of the province and added: All the service forces are ready with all the equipment to provide services in the event of a possible flood.

The Director General of Crisis Management of Mazandaran Governorate asked the drivers and passengers to drive with full caution while traveling on the roads of the mountainous axes, observing the safety points.

Mohammadi also advised mountaineers to avoid lodging on the banks of rivers in the province.

He asked nature tourists to avoid climbing to heights and mountainous areas.

Mohammadi advised livestock farmers living in mountain towns and villages to keep their livestock away from the banks of rivers and high places and avoid traffic on the banks of rivers.

The Director General of Crisis Management of Mazandaran Governorate asked the mayors to reduce the risk of flood damage in the path of the broken branch by cleaning the air and channeling surface water.

He said: It is also important to strengthen scaffolding and advertising billboards in cities.

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