Zarghami: The entry of recreational vessels into the country is freed – rahnam

According to the report of the rahnam news agency’s government correspondent, Tourism and Cultural Heritage Minister Ezzatullah Zarghami said on the sidelines of the weekly meeting of the government board: Yalda and Chaharbansuri will never change and will never change, it was from the beginning and it will be until the end. The night of Yalda, which was registered this year by the Ministry of World Heritage, and the Syrian Wednesday, which our people are very fond of, will remain.

He added: What was approved by the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution has explained the philosophy of these two nights a little and it is not a bad thing.

Referring to the resolution of today’s meeting of the government board, Zarghami said: In the government meeting, according to the order of the president, the entry of pleasure boats into the country was allowed, and the Ministry of Security was ordered not to prevent this. Right now, there are investors in the field of marine tourism who have signed contracts for the entry of recreational vessels, the lack of which is very visible in the country.

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