Zarepour: We deal with platforms that violate people’s rights – rahnam

According to the correspondent of rahnam News Agency, Issa Zarepour, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, said on the sidelines of the weekly meeting of the government board: “In the 13th government, there was full support for domestic platforms and in a way we dedicated ourselves to domestic platforms, but this means It is not to abuse this support and undermine people’s trust.

He said: Any platform that does not comply with the country’s approvals, abuses people’s trust and violates people’s rights will be dealt with.

The Minister of Communications stated: Based on the approvals of the Supreme Council of Cyber ​​Space and the approvals of the Regulatory Commission, the traffic of domestic platforms should be 1/2 of the international traffic. In the case of social network messengers, it is also one third.

Zarepour added: We received reports in this regard and we followed up and finally this violation was confirmed.

He pointed out that the Ministry of Communications has submitted its proposed package to the National Center for Cyberspace to compensate for this incident.

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