Washington’s explanations regarding the extension of Iraq’s financial exemptions from Iran sanctions – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam International News Agency, “Matthew Miller”, the spokesman of the US Ministry of Foreign Affairs last night local time in his press conference, in response to a question about Iraq’s financial exemption for repaying its debts to Iran, said: 20 financial exemptions for Iraq in order to Imports of electricity from Iran have been exported dating back to 2018 and started during the Trump administration.

He further claimed: In each of these exemptions, none of this money goes to Iran and is kept in restricted accounts and can only be used to pay for food, medicine, humanitarian purposes and other non-sanctioned activities. used.

Regarding the extension of these waivers, Miller said: “We have issued waivers in the past, like the Trump administration, to allow these funds to be transferred to restricted accounts, or as I said, they can be used for humanitarian and other non-sanctioned purposes.”

The spokesperson of the US State Department also said in response to the question whether these exemptions allow Iran to convert Iraqi dinars to euros: I am not going to talk about a new exemption, this one has not been issued at this stage. If we get to a point where we can talk about a new waiver, I’d be happy to come and talk about the details, but all of our waivers in the past make it clear that the funds are held in accounts other than Iran and only for humanitarian and non-Iranian purposes. Sanction is available.

Last night, “Associated Press” quoted sources as claiming that the Biden administration has extended the exemption from Iran sanctions for Iraq for four months, which allows Iraq to continue buying electricity from Iran and gives Iran limited access to the income from the purchase of goods. He gives humanitarianly.

According to US officials, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken signed the 120-day waiver extension and sent it to Congress on Tuesday, the outlet wrote.

The Associated Press also wrote that about 10 billion Iraqi dollars for Iranian electricity are currently held in escrow accounts in Iraq, and the exemption allows Baghdad to maintain its energy imports without fear of US penalties for violating Iran sanctions.

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