The Zionists’ hostage taking of Palestinian citizens in the “Death Crossing”/exclusive report – rahnam

According to the Arabic website of rahnam news agency, at the same time as the siege of Gaza City by the Zionist regime army, thousands of people from the northern areas of this strip have been forced to migrate to the central and southern areas of the Gaza Strip.


Palestinian citizens seek refuge in central and southern Gaza after traveling long distances on foot and using carts and carts.

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Many Palestinian citizens on the way to cross the so-called safe road of the Zionist regime were shot by the Israeli soldiers and some were captured by the Zionists after being arrested, and this caused the Palestinians to cross this road with the name of “death road”. remember

A Palestinian resident of Gaza City, who was forced to leave his home, told the reporter of rahnam in the Gaza Strip: “After 25 days of living in Quds Hospital, at the same time as Israeli soldiers entered Gaza City, we were told to move south.” , but on the way Israeli soldiers took my brother out of the car and arrested him. We had to leave him alone and continue on our way.

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