The UN Security Council agreed to establish a humanitarian pause in Gaza – rahnam

According to the report of the international group of rahnam news agency, the UN Security Council approved the draft resolution presented by Malta regarding the establishment of a ceasefire and humanitarian pause in Gaza, with 12 votes in favor.

In the draft resolution approved by the Security Council regarding Gaza, all parties have been requested to refrain from depriving civilians in Gaza of aid and services.

The draft of this resolution also calls for the immediate and unconditional release of all hostages held by Hamas and other Palestinian groups.

In this draft, it is also emphasized to establish an immediate and comprehensive humanitarian ceasefire and to establish safe crossings throughout the Gaza Strip.

In another paragraph of the draft resolution of the Security Council, it is specified to establish an immediate and continuous ceasefire throughout the Gaza Strip for a few days, with the aim of allowing aid to be sent and reach this area.

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