The strange decision of the World Union 2 months after the Belgrade World Cup; Turkish and Hungarian wrestlers jointly won gold – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency, the World Federation announced that it held a meeting a few days ago to discuss issues, one of which was the refereeing of the 87 kg wrestling final at the 2023 World Championships in Belgrade.

The opinion of the experts was that a technical blow should have been declared in favor of Hungarian David Lusonci, but due to the mistake of the head of the mat, this did not happen and Lusonci’s right was violated and the result of the match was changed.

Considering the referee’s mistake in not declaring a technical blow, the World Union announced that it decided according to the new rules and considered the second gold medal for this Hungarian wrestler.

Therefore, the weight of 87 kg in the world wrestling championship will have two champions: Ali Cengiz from Turkey and David Lusonci from Hungary. This weight does not have a second place, and two common bronzes were also registered in the name of Ukrainian Zhan Belniuk and Bulgarian Novikov.

Before this, the International Olympic Committee declared Kamil Ghasemi and the Russian wrestler jointly the owners of the Olympic gold medal following the doping of the first and second 125 kg freestyle wrestlers of the 2012 London Olympics.

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