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According to the cultural reporter of rahnam news agency, it was in late February 1400 that Peyman Jabali, in line with management changes, appointed Mohsen Shakrinejad to the position of “Head of the Research Center” of the Broadcasting Organization, and in the text of his order, he asked him to design the necessary mechanism for the convergence and synergy of the collections The research and monitoring of the organization should be given serious attention with the aim of avoiding parallel activities, strengthening the relationship with other research and opinion polling centers of the country, and planning to turn the research center of the Broadcasting Organization into the center of media research of the country.

Audience decline is an undeniable fact, a problem that has arisen for all Broadcasts in the world, in the era we are in, all televisions in the world have experienced an audience decline, which means that we are seriously witnessing a decrease in the amount of television audience and an increase in the audience of television networks. We are social, that is, actually, as the audience of broadcasts decreases, the audience of BroadBands increases, of course, it is possible that the slope of the increase of the audience of the virtual space is different compared to the audience of the broadcast all over the world. This is part of Shakrinejad’s statement which he shared with rahnam reporter a while ago.

For some time now, some virtual and media channels and recently Mahmoud Gaberlo raised this point on the TV antenna in the “JamJam” program. Even with the announcement of several reports of the most popular television programs, the point was again made public that the television wants to be silent about the “number of television viewers” by announcing its polls late.

For this reason, we had a short conversation with Mohsen Shakrinejad, the head of the Broadcasting Research Center, and he pointed out some interesting points.

Shakrinejad emphasized: In the past years, the Broadcasting Research Center announced the statistics of viewers of special programs and series such as Nowruz Eid, the holy month of Ramadan, Muharram, etc., which is still happening. Even if the number of viewers is low, the research center has done its duty in announcing accurately and without interference. Of course, once every two weeks, the research center conducts a survey, which is mostly about examining the extent of weakness and strength for the producers and network managers so that they can make better policies. These are all routines that have happened in the past.

He added: I don’t know why these kinds of words and points are raised, for example, because of the fear of announcing the number of viewers, we should conduct a survey or it is rarely announced that such a procedure does not exist in the program of the Research Center, and the Broadcasting Organization is always loyal to the opinions of the audience. was and is In general, the basis of making our programs and series, from planning to implementation, is the monitoring of the statistics and figures of the number of viewers along with their comments. The same taste test that is a priority for us and we follow it seriously.

The head of the Research Center of the Broadcasting Organization added: “We regularly report how many viewers the 14 o’clock news or a certain program and series had, and what were the opinions of the audience, and this data helps our program maker, series maker, and manager to plan and make better policies.” How good it would be to announce the statistics of the most watched series after the revolution, for example, let’s say a series aired in 1402 had more viewers than the series aired in the 1370s. There has always been this sine wave of statistics, which is sometimes high and sometimes low, and everything goes back to the time and its events. Today, there is a global process in broadcasts and broadband, and it should be given serious attention.

He pointed out: What exists today as the process of audience reduction in broadcasts compared to broadbands is an undeniable fact. For this reason, we measure the production consumption of radio and television, which is not only taken from television, but also in different platforms from television and virtual space, and even in satellite networks; And we conduct such polls. But worrying about what happened is not out of the global norm and a mechanism that the country’s cultural policy should think about. Because the United States has announced that by 2025, the consumption of audio and video content in the virtual space will exceed broadcast, and broadband will take over broadcast.

At the end, Shakrinejad also pointed out that although the decrease in the audience is worrying that we should announce a survey because of this, it is not so. Also, the number of viewers of today’s TV is not a worrying situation that is outside of global programs (global broadcasts).

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