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According to rahnam news agency Esfahan ; Zayandehroud is the most important river of the central plateau of Iran and is the vital vessel and the main factor of greenery and fertility of Isfahan province; The river is the beating heart of Isfahan and every time the river flows, it means reviving the soul of the city and injecting the seeds of vitality and hope to the residents of this land. A pleasant and blessed event that filled the atmosphere of the city with joy and hope these days.

The water of Zayandehroud river was released in order to distribute water for the autumn crops of farmers in the east of Isfahan, and the water reached the city of Isfahan and injected vigor and vitality to the people of the city.


Why was the gate of Zayandehroud dam opened to the farmers?

In an interview with rahnam reporter in Isfahan, Hossein Vahidnia, the chairman of the board of directors of the Chamber of Agricultural Guilds of Isfahan, said about the reopening of Zayandeh Rood: Following the meetings held, Zayandeh Rood has been reopened this evening. will flow After that, the decision to reopen it depends on the rainfall and weather conditions. With the start of the flow of Zayandehroud, according to the usual routine, water will reach Isfahan in nearly 40 hours.

According to rahnam, Alireza Almasondi, the head of the Zaindehroud watershed, also said a while ago that based on the studies and needs of farmers, and with the measures we started last year in the field of consumption management, especially underground water resources, and the models that have been prepared based on the models and this year The international standards of the Zayandeh Rood basin resources and uses program were set. Of course, this program can be restored over time due to the atmospheric rainfall, and from November 20, water will be released from the Zayandeh Rood dam to carry out autumn cultivation.

He stated that the release of water this year is different from the previous years, and for the farmers of the west and the east, there will be a release at some point, he added: About 100 million cubic meters of water has been planned for the autumn cultivation of the farmers of Isfahan, in the case of the Goukhoni wetland. Also, this fall, there will be a stable flow that will release the water to Varzane and the end of the network, and it is hoped that the water will also reach the wetland.

In February of last year, the output of Zayandeh Rood dam for farmers in the east of Isfahan increased, and in April and May of this year, Zayandeh Rood was reopened and water was allocated to farmers in the east and west of Isfahan province.

The agricultural land of Zayandeh Rood basin is also about 200 thousand hectares. The Zayandeh Rood River, which is more than 400 kilometers long, has been reduced to a river with periodic flow in recent decades due to illegal harvesting in the upper reaches, transfer of water to another basin, population density and to some extent the relative reduction of rainfall. Converted and downstream in hot seasons, especially summer, has faced dryness.

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