The 41st day of “Aqsa storm”. 50 martyrs in the bombardment of al-Sabra neighborhood/ Security Council agrees to “humanitarian pause” in Gaza – rahnam

According to the report of the international group of rahnam news agency, on the 41st day since the Zionist invasion of the Gaza Strip, the air attacks of this regime on various areas of Gaza continue without interruption, and the Palestinian resistance, in a retaliatory measure, targeted the Zionist settlements with their rocket and missile attacks. Gives.

50 people were martyred and dozens of others were injured in the most recent crime committed by the Zionists in al-Sabra neighborhood in the center of Gaza.

Zionist fighters also bombarded the west of Khan Yunis, located in the south of the Gaza Strip, this morning.

After 40 days, the UN Security Council finally approved the draft resolution presented by “Malta” regarding the humanitarian pause in Gaza, with 12 votes in favor.

Dear users, follow the most important developments of the 41st day of Al-Aqsa storm below:

6:05- American protesters demanded a ceasefire in Gaza

American demonstrators demanded an end to the war and a ceasefire in Gaza.

Police forces clashed with demonstrators who had gathered in front of the headquarters of the Democratic Party and arrested several protesters.

5:35- Biden repeated the claim of the Zionists against Hamas about Al-Shifa Hospital

US President Joe Biden repeated the claims of the Zionist regime regarding al-Shifa Hospital and said that Hamas committed a war crime by hiding its military headquarters under the hospital!

Biden linked the cessation of the war against the Palestinian nation in Gaza to the destruction of Hamas’ power and claimed that the war will end when Hamas loses its power and power in killing Israelis.

He announced Qatar’s extensive cooperation in the issue of the release of the prisoners from both the Palestinian and Israeli sides and said that there should be a sufficient humanitarian break for the release of the hostages in Gaza.

At the same time, Biden said that he will do his best to free the hostages (prisoners held by Hamas).

The American president continued: I told Netanyahu that the formation of two governments is the only solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and I emphasized that occupying Gaza again would be a mistake.

5:02- The action of the Zionists in arresting Palestinian fighters in the West Bank

The Zionist occupying forces raided several cities in the West Bank and arrested Palestinian fighters in these cities.

4:39- Biden’s request to the President of China regarding Iran according to an American official

After Biden’s meeting with his Chinese counterpart, an American official said: The two presidents discussed the future steps in the Middle East (West Asia).

According to an American official, Reuters news agency claimed that Biden asked the Chinese president to use his influence and position in Iran and to ask Tehran to avoid any “provocative actions in the Middle East”.

Before noon on Wednesday local time, the meeting of the President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping, with the President of the United States, Joe Biden, was held in San Francisco.

4:16- The first fuel truck from Egypt arrived in Gaza

Qatar’s Al Jazeera reported that the first truck carrying fuel from Egypt has entered Gaza since the start of the war against Gaza.

4:11- The Zionist attack on different parts of al-Shifa Hospital

The director of the information office of the Palestinian government in Gaza announced that the Zionist army attacked all the departments of al-Shifa hospital and created a state of fear among the patients of this hospital.

He also announced the arrest of a number of employees of this hospital.

This Palestinian information officer also announced that the Israeli occupying forces shoot at anyone who tries to leave the hospital, and that the hospital has become a veritable cemetery for those who live inside it.

3:43- Letter from 24 members of the US Congress addressed to Biden

In a letter to US President Joe Biden and Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken, 24 members of the US Congress expressed concern about the expansion of the war in Gaza and endangering the lives of civilians.

This letter states: We are concerned that the war in Gaza will endanger the lives of more civilians. We are also worried about the increase in the scope of war and widespread violations against children.

In this letter, the sending of humanitarian aid to Gaza was also welcomed, but the impact of this aid was limited due to the vast depth of the destruction.

3:09- The attack of Zionist soldiers on several cities in the West Bank

Early this morning, Zionist soldiers attacked the village of Fasayil in the north of Jericho, located on the West Bank of the Jordan River.

Local Palestinian sources also reported the attack of the Zionist forces on the town of “Al-Laban” in the south-east of Nablus.

Also, the Israeli occupation forces attacked the town of “Kafardan” in the west of Jenin and attacked one of the houses in this town.

2:54- Air and artillery attacks by the Zionist regime on areas in southern Lebanon

Lebanon’s al-Manar news channel announced the air attack of Zionist fighters on the town of “Al-Labuneh” in the south of Naqourah.

According to this report, the drones of the Zionist regime targeted the area around the town of “Houla” in southern Lebanon.

Lebanon’s al-Manar reporter reported that the Zionist regime’s artillery bombarded the north of “Al-Hammas” area in Al-Khayyam town.

2:40 p.m.- The attack of the Zionist military on the town of “Yabd” in the southwest of Jenin

The Israeli occupying forces attacked the town of Yabad in the southwest of Jenin, located in the north of the West Bank.

2:23- China: We are looking for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza

China’s representative at the United Nations stated that we are pursuing the implementation of the Security Council’s resolution regarding the humanitarian pause so that we can achieve a permanent ceasefire.

1:48- Türkiye: Israel has no right to talk about the law

The Turkish Foreign Ministry announced that the Israeli officials who committed massacres against Palestinians have no right to talk about the law.

The ministry added: Israel has lost its legitimacy in the eyes of human consciences and cannot cover up its crimes. Those who commit crimes in Gaza and engage in provocative actions will be brought to justice sooner or later.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey emphasized that we will continue to oppose the killing of Gaza and support the just cause of the Palestinian people.

1:46- The representative of Palestine in the United Nations: The Security Council resolution ignored the killing of 5,000 children in Gaza

The representative of Palestine in the Security Council announced that the resolution of this council did not condemn the blind bombing of Gaza and the killing (martyrdom) of about five thousand Palestinian children.

At the same time, he assessed the approval of this resolution as a small step in the right direction.

He added: The (Israeli) bombing and attack must stop right now and humanitarian aid should enter the Gaza Strip.

The representative of Palestine in the United Nations emphasized that there is no safe water in Gaza hospitals.

He announced that the plan of the current Israeli cabinet is the continuation of the forced migration of the Palestinian people.

1:26- The reaction of the Zionist regime to the Security Council resolution on the “humanitarian pause” in Gaza

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Zionist regime announced that we ask the Security Council to implement its decision to release the abductees (prisoners held by the Palestinian resistance) because without the return of the prisoners, there is no place for a humanitarian ceasefire.

1:20- Shooting at Zionist soldiers in the west of Jenin

News sources reported that Palestinian fighters shot at Zionist soldiers at the Salem crossing in the west of Jenin city.

More details of this news have not been published.

1:17- Islamic Jihad’s reaction to the Zionists’ claim about Al-Shifa Hospital

The spokesman of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement stated in a conversation with Al Jazeera: The occupation regime army’s narrative about al-Shifa Hospital is a fabricated and failed narrative.

He added: The Zionist regime’s terrorism against the Palestinians is carried out under international cover.

The spokesman of Islamic Jihad stressed: The world should have taken action to prevent the (Zionist) attack on Al-Shifa Hospital, but this did not happen.

1:12- Armed conflict between Palestinian fighters and Israeli forces in northern Gaza

Local Palestinian sources reported an armed conflict between Palestinian militants and the Israeli occupying forces who were trying to infiltrate west of Beit Lahia, located in the north of the Gaza Strip.

1:07- New air attacks by the Zionists around the Indonesian hospital

Local Palestinian sources have released a video of a new air attack by the Israeli regime on the vicinity of the Indonesian hospital in the east of Jabalia, located in the north of the Gaza Strip.

12:25 – Demolition of the internal part of al-Shifa Hospital by bulldozers of the Zionist regime

In a conversation with Al Jazeera, the head of the orthopedic department of al-Shafa hospital in Gaza announced: the occupation regime’s bulldozers have started destroying the hospital premises.

Earlier, Ahmad al-Makhlalati, the head of the burn department of the hospital, announced that the bulldozers of the Zionist regime stormed into the hospital from the south door.

He emphasized that the Israeli bulldozers entered al-Shifa hospital at the same time as the Israeli military opened fire and excavated parts of the hospital premises and destroyed the cars inside the hospital.

12:22- The UN Security Council agrees to the “humanitarian pause” in Gaza

The UN Security Council finally approved the draft resolution presented by “Malta” regarding the establishment of a humanitarian pause in Gaza, with 12 votes in favor.

In this draft, it is also emphasized to establish an immediate and comprehensive humanitarian ceasefire and to establish safe crossings throughout the Gaza Strip.

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