Sardar Soleimani: Defense deterrence is the result of the basic people’s security strategy – rahnam

According to the defense correspondent of rahnam news agency, Sardar Gholamreza Soleimani, head of the Basij organization, said this morning in a press conference on the occasion of the Basij week, while referring to the situation in Gaza: This year, while the oppressed people of Palestine after the very complex operation of Al-Aqsa storm and the defeat of the Zionist regime They are trying to get their rights, we are entering the mobilization week.

Sardar Soleimani pointed out the crimes of the Zionists and stated: these criminals martyred patients and even premature babies inside the hospitals, and such brutalities can only be seen in the records of the Zionist regime.

The head of the Basij organization continued: Americans sided with the usurping Zionist regime with all their capacity and strength, and with a lot of resources, they opened fire on the women and children of Gaza and killed thousands of people.

Referring to the support of the free people of the world and the Muslim nations in response to the crimes of the Zionist regime, he said: Next Saturday, a large gathering and march will be held in the country in support of the oppressed children of Gaza.

In another part of his speech, he stated that during the sacred defense of the Iranian nation, he sent his children to the fronts and formed a popular defense under the leadership of Imam Rahal, adding: From this popular power, power was generated and it led our country to the stage Deterrence will reach and this has caused us to be known as the safest and most stable country in the world and today we are witnessing that the security of the basic people in the country has been achieved and in the second step of the Islamic revolution which was drawn by the leader of the revolution as a strategic vision, the Iranian nation relies on It will be based on this experience.

Sardar Soleimani continued: The great nation of Iran has been able to protect the dear Islamic homeland from the attacks of enemies, and we will witness in a bed of peace that the Iranian nation will achieve its goals in the second step.

The head of the Basij organization continued: Basij, as the largest popular organization in the world, has a very heavy mission on its shoulders, it must be able to be a leader in realizing the strategic goals of the Iranian nation, and it must be able to advance all sections of the Iranian nation towards the strategic goals of coordination and synergy. create Based on this, Basij week programs have been prepared with the same approach.

He said: These programs have been compiled based on three approaches: Jihad of Service, Jihad of Hope, and Jihad of Explanation, and these programs will be based on the keyword “Mobilizing the Hope of the Iranian Nation”. The first program of the Basij week will be held on November 28 under the title of renewing the covenant with the ideals of the Imam and the martyrs in the shrine of the Imam.

Sardar Soleimani clarified: On this day, we will also hold the Basij media festival program and domestic and foreign forces playing a role in this field in the city of Rasht, and our other program will be the Basij Quranic competitions.

Sardar Soleimani stated: During the Basij week, we will start the cultural operation of Mashk Iftikhar in bases all over the country, centered on Tehran, and then we will have the Fatimi ritual and epic poetry night on Azar 5. The opening of the Sardar Asemani Theater Festival in Tehran and the closing of the Fiction Festival with the presence of prominent national figures in Yazd will be organized by Basij Artists, and the gathering of Iranian Zemin fighters in the cities by Basij Athletes is also one of the other programs of Basij Week.

He clarified: Also, the exercise of Razavion patrols and neighborhood security based on Basij will be held across the country, and on December 8, we will have a meeting of Martyrs of Sunni women in Golestan province and the opening of resistance economy projects in Shiraz.

The head of the Basij organization stated: In addition to this, the Malik Ashtar festival will be held on December 4 to honor the most successful ranks of the Basij across the country. National festival of Basij workers as well as awarding resistance economy badges to groups that have been more successful in this field in Yazd province are other programs of Basij week.

He said: Basij is a group of people and we are the servants of this group, and God willing, the people will be the basis of these programs with their presence in Basij week programs.

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