rahnam’s report on the dire situation of the elderly in Camp Ashraf 3/ The situation is out of the control of the hypocrites’ cadres – rahnam

According to the political group of rahnam news agency, After revealing the details of the secret life of Masoud Rajavi, the former leader of the Munafekin group, under the intelligence and protection umbrella of the Americans, which ended with his death in 2019, as well as the very difficult living conditions in the Ashraf camp, as well as the absence of the main leaders such as Maryam Rajavi in ​​this camp. , the conflict and gap between the cadres of Ashraf 3 Barracks and the elderly and patients confined in this terrorist group has increased.

Correspondent rahnam, in this regard, new details of these contradictions. Differences And especially, the latest medical condition of the elderly confined in the Ashraf camp has been achieved.

According to this report, these protests, contradictions and contradictions of the members have become a continuous thing in recent months, and not only in the small gatherings of the members, but even the voices of protests have been raised in the meetings.

The commanders of this group are also trying to hold numerous meetings and brainwashing and promise to overthrow. These contradictions and criticisms but the control of Ashraf 3 crises is becoming more and more impossible day by dayAnd the clashes, arrests and pressures of the group’s intelligence headquarters could not control these conditions.

According to the available documents and medical files of the members of the Munafekin, the average age of the members in Ashraf 3 is between 60 and 70 years and about 65% are in this age range.. According to these medical documents, the physical problems of the members of the terrorist group are as follows:

Old-eyed: About 70% of the members have vision problems and presbyopia.

heart attack: A large number of members with diabetes and hypertension are at risk of stroke, and about 4 mild or serious strokes are reported monthly.

Diabetes: Common diabetes in the group of hypocrites mostly has a neurological background and cause, about 300 of them have developed severe type of diabetes..

blood pressure: About 500 members of the group are suffering from high blood pressure, which is known as the most common disease among them, and the non-use of medicines has become a trend after the Albanian police attacked Ashraf 3’s headquarters to escape from the activity.

Heart disease: On a monthly basis, several heart surgeries are being performed at different levels, which is caused by psychological pressures and also the old age of the group members..

Cancer: Apart from the death of 20 people due to the report of cancer, about 12 people are officially struggling with this disease, and according to the sources available in this group, there are more people with cancer who, in order not to transmit discouragement and fear of death, are allowed to Neither the person nor the members have been officially notified of the illness, and only the above cadres are in the process.

Asthma and shortness of breath: About 15% of the group’s members suffer from asthma and shortness of breath, most of which are caused by the harsh conditions and unsanitary life in Iraq..

In addition to the above, in recent years, diseases and sexual problems (caused by the specific way of life in Ashraf camps during the past years) have greatly increased the problems of the group members, so that the doctors working in Ashraf3 The disease is called “sexual madness”.

In order to solve the crisis of the pressures caused by the past way of life, the cadres of the hypocrites have reduced the strictures for the presence of members in the coastal city of Durres and in special opportunities such as discos, etc., which is also the problem of all kinds of sexually transmitted diseases (especially among men). ) and their conflictIt has added to the previous problems with Albanian citizens.

As it is known, the situation in Ashraf’s headquarters has worsened day by day for all members and the officials of the organization do not have the ability to control and manage these crises. Disagreements between members and staff have plagued senior officials and they have referred to the current situation as organizational collapse in secret meetings.

The spread of physical problems and numerous diseases in the Ashraf 3 camp and the increase in pressure and missions from the staff of the terrorist organization, have become a very serious crisis and a trigger for separation from this group.

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