Qalibaf’s promises to the people of the book / Pursuing the amendment of the Institutional Law and the supplementary article to the 7th plan – rahnam

According to the cultural reporter of rahnam news agency, Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, Speaker of the Islamic Council, said in a speech at the celebration of the day of books, reading books and librarians: the issue of books and libraries is a very important and fundamental issue.

Speaking at this ceremony, Speaker of the Parliament Ghalibaf said: Today, the economy is our first issue, but if we want to make a change in the economy, where should we start? I believe that the most important place that we should pay attention to is “people and society”, even if this transformation wants to happen among the officials, the society is the initiator and the demander, we need rationality and public culture more than anything in the society. Even if we have serious critics, if they oppose and criticize us based on knowledge, skill and thought, it is much better for us than those who accompany us and are not equipped with knowledge and rationality.


The speaker of the parliament added: If we were able to express this issue in the society and public rationality and public culture, this is where social capital is produced. Every group, factory, family, school and every group at any level and function can work without social capital. do yourself These are the ones who produce social capital, trust is the most important social capital that is realized from the context of rationality, public culture and social life.

Qalibaf responded to the request of the Secretary General of the Library Association regarding the proposal to amend the law establishing the public library institution of the country, which, after being approved by the Cultural Commission, is now being proposed in the open floor of the parliament. He said: I promise to follow the statute with my colleagues in the parliament.

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