New details of Israeli army casualties on October 7; Iron Dome officers were also killed – rahnam

According to the Hebrew group of the rahnam News Agency, after about 40 days have passed since the start of the Al-Aqsa storm battle on October 7, more information has been obtained about the surprise attack by Hamas on the Zionist regime, which shows the depth of these attacks on the very first day, a new example, to The Iron Dome defense system returns.

Iron Dome is the most important and well-known short-range air defense system of Israel, which was built and used to deal with rockets and drones of resistance groups.

Despite its special features, this expensive defense system has some weaknesses, and the resistance groups used it in the best way in their rocket operations, especially on October 7.

The Zionist regime has 10 iron dome launchers, each of which has 3 launchers, and each launcher has 20 Tamir surface-to-air missiles, which brings the total number of these missiles to 600.

That is, if rockets with more than this number are fired at the same time, since it takes a long time to reload the rockets in the launchers, the Iron Dome will not be able to intercept all of them.

Meanwhile, Palestinian groups fired more than 5,000 rockets into the occupied territories in the first 20 minutes of the Battle of al-Aqsa on October 7, many of which were able to pass through the Iron Dome’s defensive shield.

On the other hand, since the radar system, identifying, intercepting and identifying the characteristics of hostile rockets in the Iron Dome is done automatically (the final decision to fire is made by human forces), the resistance groups on the very first day and even before that. , hacked some of these systems, and some days after the start of the battle, some of the Iron Dome systems are still facing problems in launching missiles.

In the past few days, pictures of Tamir missile’s extreme deviation and its impact with the ground – which caused damage – have been published many times, which is one of the consequences of the recent cyber attack of the resistance forces on this system.

In addition to these cases, another incident that happened on October 7th, and now after more than a month, new information has been obtained about it, is the death of some forces operating in the Iron Dome system.

Each of the Iron Dome systems has a protection squad that protects the operators and the system itself.

In the October 7 attack, some teams of resistance groups went to these systems and in another process with agents working in the systems, they killed some of them and captured some of them.

Sohar Soghdian (unit commander), Benyamin Gabriel Yuna and Natio Kotsero (launch operator), all three of the 947th battalion, are three of the dead in this attack, whose deaths have been confirmed so far.

This is while minutes after the start of the attacks by the resistance groups, no warning was given to any of the Iron Dome battalions by the army, and the operating forces were surprised by the attacks of the Palestinian fighters.

These three officers, who were supplying replacement missiles after the missiles of some systems ran out, were killed around 10:30 in the morning and their deaths were confirmed three days later.

The Iron Dome, the news and information related to it are among the secret matters of the Israeli army, and not much information about them is published, and it is likely that the number of people killed by the Iron Dome units is more than this.

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