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According to the social reporter of rahnam News Agency, the name of Miankala Petrochemical was first mentioned in the media in March 1400 and despite its suspension in 1401 by the order of the prosecutor, its consequences and environmental, economic, political, social and… challenges that created by the country, it continued until a few days ago.

Although the illegality of this project due to the lack of “Environmental Assessment Permit” which is required for the construction of any large project in the country, is not a secret to anyone, but the efforts of the political and influential figures of the province continued and these people tried to hang the 2017 resolution by hand. Hassan Rouhani’s government’s cabinet (based on the creation of a propylene park in Amirabad Miankala), night construction operations, efforts to bribe journalists, etc., should continue their work.

The authorities of Mazandaran province constantly repeat that the purpose of building this project is to “create employment” for the people of the province and to ensure the interests of the people! But the examination of the environmental, social and economic aspects of the project, which were repeatedly raised by experts, university professors and officials of the Environmental Protection Organization, proved the opposite of this claim.

The main case through which the trustees of petrochemicals insisted on continuing the implementation of their anti-environmental project was the agreement of the Ministry of Petroleum for the production of propylene and the propylene chain of Amirabad Mazandaran Petrochemical Industries Company (Miankalah Petrochemicals), but two days ago the publication of the letter of the Ministry of Petroleum addressed to the petrochemical investor Miankale showed that this ministry has canceled its agreement to build this industry.

In the text of this letter, which stated gas imbalance and non-fulfillment of obligations by the petrochemical company as the reasons for cancellation, it is stated: “Referring to the announcement dated 30/7/1402 of the Legal Vice President regarding the cancellation of the agreement issued for that company and also referring to the report No. 43858/1-1, dated 4/5/1402 of the Honorable Deputy Minister and CEO of the National Petrochemical Industry Company regarding the non-renewal and cancellation The preliminary approval of the plan to convert natural gas into methanol, propylene and the propylene chain of Gohar Petrochemical Industries Co., Mazandaran, due to the non-fulfillment of the main obligations contained in the preliminary approval issued under the preliminary approval No. MB372800 dated 10/15/1399, as well as the imbalance of natural gas in the country, informs the said preliminary approval issued For Gohar Mazandaran Petrochemical Industries (former Amirabad Petrochemical Industries of Mazandaran) with registration number 563134 and national ID number 14009358531, the credit rating is revoked.

The conflicts of this project had involved the country’s environmental community for two years, and due to the explicit and repeated opposition of the Environmental Protection Organization, the creation of this petrochemical means the end of environmental protection in the country, but fortunately, this did not happen.

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